Heracliti Ephesii reliquiae

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E Typographeo Clarendoniano, 1877 - Aphorisms and apothegms - 89 pages
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Page 36 - V omissis et quoniam — dicam partu et morte definitum. quare qui annos triginta saeculum putarunt multum videntur errasse. hoc enim tempus genean vocari Heraclitus auctor est, quia orbis aetatis in eo sit spatio. orbem antem vocat aetatis, dum natura 5 ab sementi humana ad sementim revertitur.
Page 34 - Heraclitus: in idem flumen bis descendimus et non descendimus. manet enim idem fluminis nomen, aqua transmissa est. hoc in amne manifestius est quam in homine. sed nos quoque non minus velox cursus praetervehit...
Page 97 - Gower. The Complete Works of John Gower. Edited from the MSS., with Introductions, Notes, and Glossaries, by GC Macaulay, MA With facsimiles.
Page 12 - ... commissa molari. quod si quis lapidis miratur fusile robur, cogitet obscuri verissima dicta libelli, Heraclite, tui : nihil insuperabile ab igni, omnia quo rerum natura semina iacta.
Page 34 - Corpora nostra rapiuntur fluminum more ; quidquid vides, cunit cum tempore; nihil ex his, quae videmus, manet. Ego ipse , dum loquor mutari ista, mutatus sum. Hoc est quod ait HERACLITUS : In idem flumen bis non descendimus.
Page 95 - MA 8vo. 7s. 6d. Republic. The Greek Text. Edited, with Notes and Essays, by B. Jowett, MA and Lewis Campbell, MA In three vols. Medium 8vo.
Page 97 - Bryce. Studies in History and Jurisprudence. By the Right Hon. James Bryce, DCL 2 vols. 8vo, 25s.
Page 97 - Hodgkin. Italy and her Invaders. 8 vols. With Plates and Maps. By Thomas Hodgkin, DCL AD 376-744. 8vo. Vols. I and II, Second Edition, 425.
Page 92 - HORACE and the ELEGIAC POETS. With a Memoir of the Author by ANDREW LANG, MA, and a Portrait. 8vo, cloth, 14*.
Page 98 - With Maps, Plans, and Portraits. Vol. I, 1807-1809 (from the Treaty of Fontaineblau to the Battle of Corunna).

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