New-York as it is ...

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Edwin Williams
J. Disturnell, 1834 - Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)
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Containing a general description of the city of New-York, list of officers, public institutions, and other useful information. Including the public officers, etc., of the city of Brooklyn. Accompanied by a correct map ...

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Page 169 - ... cents. 2. For conveying a passenger any distance exceeding a mile, and within two miles, fifty cents ; and for every additional passenger, twenty-five cents.
Page 136 - Every Printed Pamphlet or Magazine which contains more than twenty-four pages, on a royal sheet, or any sheet of less dimensions, shall be charged by the sheet ; and small pamphlets, printed on a half or quarter sheet, of royal or less size, shall be charged with half the amount of postage charged on a full sheet.
Page 170 - For the use of a hackney coach or carriage, by the hour, with one or more passengers, with the privilege of going from place to place, and stopping as often as may be required, one dollar an hour.
Page 190 - I have never seen the bay of Naples, I can therefore make no comparison, but my imagination is incapable of conceiving any thing of the kind more beautiful than the harbour of New York, Various and lovely are the objects which meet the eye on every side, but the naming them would only be to give a list of words, without conveying the faintest idea, of the scene. I doubt if ever the pencil of Turner could do it justice, bright and glorious as it rose upon us.
Page 123 - It is to be seventy-seven feet wide in the centre part, which is a circle of seventy feet diameter, with the length and breadth of the room extending beyond its circumference to these dimensions ; and the four parts so extended beyond the circle are thirty-three and a half feet wide. leaving six rooms and three circular staircases in the four corners, the two largest rooms to be twenty-four by twenty-one feet each, besides a square staircase in the rear, and three vaults for papers at the two ends...
Page 171 - ... carriage. The owner or driver of any hackney coach or carriage shall not be entitled to recover or receive any pay from any person from whom he shall have demanded any greater price or rates than he may be authorized to receive aa aforesaid.
Page 171 - The owner of any hackney coach or carriage shall not demand or receive any pay for the conveyance of any passenger, unless the number of the carriage, and the rates and prices of fare, shall be fixed and placed in...
Page 52 - White-street, corner of Centre-street. Established in the year 1790, " for the purpose of relieving such sick, poor, and indigent persons, as are unable to procure medical aid.
Page 83 - York, for the purpose of encouraging and promoting domestic industry in this state and the United States, in agriculture, commerce, manufactures, and the arts," was incorporated by the Legislature.
Page 49 - Lectures commence on the first Monday of November, annually, and continue four months. Degrees conferred by the Regents of the University, at the recommendation of the Board of Trustees.