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I never read the book, but I watched an interview with him on YouTube. well, I watched about 20 mins.. I stopped the video. This guy has no real knowledge of the American soldier in Vietnam. He apparently interviewed some vets who verified what he had already concluded. War crimes do happen in every war, and I would never defend it. However, he painted the American soldier in Vietnam as a cold blooded killer who only wanted a high body count, and the officers as heartless animals who sent our young men out to be slaughtered. There are so many twisted facts and untruths in his interview that he has lost all credibility with me. And I doubt if he quoted soldiers in his book that didn't agree with his views. He's simply anti-American soldier. He wasn't there, and really doesn't know the truth and never will. And to him, that doesn't matter- his mind was made up long before he did his "research" on his fairy tale.
I was there- twice. 1966-1968. I served with the 1st Infantry division as a machine gunner and then as a helicopter door gunner. We were good soldiers. Talk to a vet.

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