Decimal Arithmetic Made Perfect: Or, The Management of Infinite Decimals Displayed. Being the Whole Doctrine of the Arithmetic of Circulating Numbers, Explained by Many New and Curious Examples in Addition, Subtraction, Etc. To which is Prefixed, an Historical Introduction. With Large Tables... and an Appendix, Containing the Arithmetic of the Five Primary Rules in Decimal Fractions

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author; and sold, 1742 - Arithmetic - 197 pages

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Page 20 - In any proportion, the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes.
Page x - by themfelves one could never, or very hardly, be led « into the Reafon of them, nor confequently into the Way " I have chofen ; fo that it will be the more eafily be...
Page xii - Mailer having laid the Foundation deep, and in a great Meafure out of the vulgar Ken, I thought it might be of Service to young Students, a little to diiclofe and lay it more open to their View.
Page 67 - Product, and if it has not as many Places as the Divifor, or Repetend of the Multiplicand, you muft fupply the Defect with o's on the Left ; and in this State fet it in the Product as the Repetend.
Page viii - Theory oi it, but without Demonftration ; nor has he meddled with the practical Part, or Way of managing infinite Decimals in arithmetical Operations.
Page x - Demonftra" tions are omitted, the Rule ought to be as fimple and " eafy as poffible. But I muft obferve this further Effect:
Page 182 - View, then both They, and their Decimal Parts muft be collected out of the Table at twice, or thrice, according as the given Number requires.
Page 31 - Places as the Repetends ; the Quote is to be carried to the next Column, and the reft of the Addition done by the common Rules* This Rule of Mr. Malcolm's is uni verfall y good for all...
Page x - Explication of one fingle Propofition ; -viz. the " finding the finite Value of ( or Vulgar Fraction equal to ) " any circulating Decimal : for though the Demonftra" tions are omitted, the Rule ought to be as fimple and
Page 184 - Progreffion, that by a continual Decimal Subdivifion, the Unit may be fuppofed to be divided into 10, or 100, or 1000, or 10000, or 100ooo, ÖV.

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