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Page 27 - An act for the better securing the dependency of the kingdom of Ireland upon the crown of Great Britain...
Page 69 - Introduced to their civilities by the high rank which he had lately held in his country, he soon finds his way to their hearts by the dignity and elegance of his demeanor, the light and beauty of his conversation, and the seductive and fascinating power of his address.
Page 210 - The place of fame and elegy supply: And many a holy text around she strews, That teach the rustic moralist to die.
Page 97 - The people of the country to which we are going are prepared to receive us; their agents, now with Burr, say that if we will protect their religion, and will not subject them to a foreign Power, that in three weeks all will be settled.
Page 68 - Possessing himself of a beautiful island in the Ohio, he rears upon it a palace and decorates it with every romantic embellishment of fancy. A shrubbery that Shenstone might have envied blooms around him; music, that might have charmed Calypso and her nymphs, is his; an extensive library spreads its treasures before him; a philosophical apparatus offers to him all the secrets and mysteries of nature; peace, tranquillity and innocence shed their mingled delights around him; and to crown the enchantment...
Page 69 - By degrees he infuses into it the poison of his own ambition. He breathes into it the fire of his own courage...
Page 69 - In a short time the whole man is changed, and every object of his former delight is relinquished. No more he enjoys the tranquil scene: it has become flat and insipid to his taste. His books are abandoned. His retort and crucible are thrown aside. His shrubbery blooms and breathes its fragrance upon the air in vain; he likes it not. His ear no longer drinks the rich melody of music: it longs for the trumpet's clangor and the cannon's roar.
Page 158 - We of the jury say that Aaron Burr is not proved to be guilty under this indictment by any evidence submitted to us. We therefore find him not guilty.
Page 98 - I have thought fit, therefore, to issue this my proclamation, warning and enjoining all faithful citizens, who have been led, without due knowledge or consideration, to participate in the said unlawful enterprises, to withdraw from the same without delay : and commanding all persons whatsoever, engaged or concerned in the same, to cease all further proceedings therein, as they will answer the contrary at their peril, and incur prosecution with all the rigours of the law.
Page 92 - He did not leave it, however, without regretting that the engagements of its proprietor, and his own dreary journey, but just begun in the commencement of winter, forbade him to prolong a visit which, although so transient, had afforded him so much pleasure. * * * All that he had seen, heard or felt, corresponded so little with the criminal designs imputed to Mr. Blannerhasset, that if he could have visited him with unfavorable...

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