The Secret Woman

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Macmillan, 1905 - English fiction - 385 pages
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Page 180 - And all their force defiess 120 2 Tallest of the earth-born race, They tremble at his power, Flee before the monster's face, And own him conqueror. Who this mighty champion is, Nature answers from within ; He is my own wickedness, My own besetting sin.
Page 48 - But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth ? 17 Seeing thou hatest instruction, and easiest my words behind thee.
Page 382 - ... There are things too small for God to heed, Ann. My broken life is one of them." " Never — never ! All — to the pattern of the frost on these dear graves — be the thought-out invention of our God. Nought's too small for Him, Salome ; an
Page 388 - Tragedy By MAURICE HEWLETT Author of " The Forest Lovers? etc., etc. Cloth lamo $1.50 " Mr. Hewlett . . . has simply breathed into the story that most know, and all may know, the breath of life-given color and glow and movement. . . . He has the faculty of entering into the spirit of other times, of reversing the calendar and making the shadowy past parade before one's eyes...
Page 4 - ... wider survey of existence. At the foothills of the Moor lie forests. They surround her, creep here and there up the green coombs into her heart and nestle beneath her throne. A thousand homesteads stand round about her, and look upward to the waste for many things that make life easier. Consciously the men and women repair thither for their passing needs; unconsciously it happens to some among them that the conditions of their existence here put metal into character and forge moral chains of...
Page 389 - A stirring, unhackneyed tale ... its characters are wonderfully real and living. . . . There is plenty of blood in 'The Sea- Wolf,' and the color of it is red." — The New York Times. " Other fiction seems decidedly losing in savor and piquancy. This story surely has the pure Stevensonian ring, the adventurous glamour, the vertebrate stoicism.
Page 198 - Past youth where shoreward shallows are, Through age that drives on toward the red Vast void of sunset hailed from far, To the equal waters of the dead; Save his own soul he hath no star, And sinks, except his own soul guide, Helmless in middle turn of tide.
Page 42 - Dick, with his hands in his pockets and a pipe in his mouth, lounged beside him.
Page 382 - God an' man working together can't turn into light. I 've lamed that ; an' I 've larned what God's forgiveness means. Ours be but the shadow of His. He comes three parts of the way. The haste of God, Salome ! Quicker 'n the lightning. A sigh of sorrow brings Him, or one humble thought.
Page 180 - ... That proudly stalks along : Overlooks the crowd below, In brazen armour strong ? Loudly of his strength he boasts : On his sword and spear relies ; Meets the God of Israel's hosts, And all their force defies. 2 Tallest of the earth-born race, They tremble at his power ; Flee before the monster's face0 And own him conqueror. Who this mighty champion is, Nature answers from within,; He is my own wickedness, My own besetting sin.

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