The Marriage of Figaro: A Comic Opera in Three Acts, Founded on Beaumarchais' Comedy of La Folle Journée, and on The Follies of a Day ...

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Page iii - and other speeches of reference to the person, are great wastes of time; and though they seem to proceed of modesty, they are bravery.
Page 19 - A crab upon a pippin! In twenty weeks her lanthorn cheeks Grew yellow as a blanket: She lost her health, « Whilst I, by stealth, Ten times each morning drank it. Then fill the bowl, each jolly soul,
Page 19 - drank it. Then fill the bowl, each jolly soul, Let Bacchus gild our revels; Join cup to lip, with hip! hip! hip! And throttle the blue devils.
Page 26 - Enter the Count. Count. You did not use to lock yourself in, when you were alone, madam! Who were you speaking to? Countess. (Endeavouring to conceal her agitation,)
Page 26 - I suppose, putting the chairs and tables to rights. Count. What! your favourite woman turned housemaid! you told me just now, she was in her own room. ,! Countess.
Page 34 - poor poacher in prison—I never presented it to your Lordship, because I know you have affairs much more serious on your hands, than the complaints of such half-starved
Page 34 - is an inventory of your lordship's sword-knots, ruffs, ruffles, and roses—Must take care of this. (Endeavours to gain time, and keeps glancing and hemming to
Page 30 - Countess. No, no, my lord! I am no longer that Rosina whom you formerly loved with such affection !—I am now nothing but the
Page 35 - To get what ? it wants nothing ! Fig. Oh ! my lord, what it wants, to be sure, is a mere trifle. Count . What trifle
Page 34 - No, no, my lord! I saw no such thing ! I'll take my oath I saw no horse leap out of the window.

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