The Real Condition of Cuba to Day

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Harper, 1897 - Cuba - 156 pages

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Page 156 - travel are as good as any of modern times, and this new volume about a country which is now prominent is very interesting.— Observer, NY ABOUT PARIS. Illustrated. Post 8vo, Cloth, $1 25. A book of sketches, graceful and interesting, recommended by the freshness and vivacity of their view and manner.—NY
Page 156 - sale by all booksellers, or will be mailed by the publishers, postage prepaid, on receipt of the price. HARPER'S
Page 107 - permission of the military authorities of the place of departure, is absolutely forbidden. Those who infringe upon this order will be tried and punished as aiders and abettors of the rebellion. "3. The owners of cattle must drive their herds to the
Page 118 - out to them, or even the most ordinary sanitary laws been enforced, there would have been but little danger of sickness breaking out among them. Without exception, I must say, all the other places of residence which have been assigned to the concentrados I found to be uniformly upon swampy and
Page 118 - swampy and lowlying ground, where the most intelligent care and the best of attention could not have prevented the outbreak of the several epidemics by which they are ravaged. As a sequel to the proclamation of reconcentration, certain orders were issued to the military authorities in the different districts with the purpose, as it was said, of giving the
Page 11 - and immature boys, the raw recruits which Spain has sent to the island, serve but as fodder for fevers and other diseases to feed upon. With half rations, scant clothing, and little or no pay, and that in a depreciated currency, the soldiers are only
Page 127 - has no other basis in fact than the shooting down of some peaceful guajiros as they walk along the country roads. During the last days of my stay in Matanzas, at seven o'clock every morning the report of this murderous volley came over the blue waters. Sometimes the names of these poor fellows, generally

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