Discovering the Word of Wisdom: Surprising Insights from a Whole Food, Plant-based Perspective

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Fresh Awakenings, Nov 26, 2013 - Health & Fitness - 234 pages
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This book is a lively exploration of the amazing revelation known to Mormons as the “Word of Wisdom.” It counsels us how and what we should eat to reach our highest potential, both physically and spiritually. New and surprising insights are presented through the perspective of what has been proven to be the healthiest human diet, a way of eating supported both by history and by science: a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet.

WFPB vegetarian diets have been scientifically proven to both prevent and cure chronic disease, help you achieve your maximum physical potential, and make it easy to reach and maintain your ideal weight. In this book, you’ll find the stories of dozens of people who are enjoying the blessings of following a Word of Wisdom diet, and you’ll get concrete advice on how to get started!

You will discover:
  1. What we should and should not eat to enjoy maximum physical health.
  2. How food is intimately connected to our spiritual well being.
  3. Why Latter-day Saints are succumbing to the same chronic diseases as the rest of the population, despite not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs.
  4. How the Word of Wisdom was designed specifically for our day.
  5. How you can receive the “hidden treasures” and other blessings promised in the Word of Wisdom.
  6. Why eating the foods God has ordained for our use is better not just for our bodies, but for the animals and for the earth.
You may think you know what the Word of Wisdom says, but you’ll be amazed at what you have missed. Learn why Mormons all over the world are “waking up” to the Word of Wisdom!


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I purchased this book in January, 2014 and began on the diet on 24 Feb 2014. I have stayed on the diet for 5 1/2 months and have lost 61 pounds. The secret to this program is strictly following the guidelines. You can eat all you want until your are full, as long as it is food that is allowed which includes whole food plant based items. You don't count calories and stop eating when you are full. If you get hungry between meals you can have a snack. I usually have a piece of fruit. This is a great program that works if you follow it correctly. In addition to the weight I have lost I have more energy, have lost 8 inches around my waist, two inches around my neck and have stopped taking all prescription drugs except two for diabetes and congestive heart failure. I highly recommend you try it. 

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Coming from Asia, it was quite a shock for me to see what Americans eat on a daily basis. I’ve wanted to shout, “Change your diet! Exercise! Eat more plant-based!” but because of my culture and personality it is hard for me to stick out and tell anyone what to do.
I think Jane Birch’s book (Discovering the Word of Wisdom) is an excellent way to quietly encourage other people to think about their diet. Even if I’m not brave enough to tell people what to do, I can give them a copy of this book. I’ve given out 13 books and plan to give more. I’ve already heard many good responses.
The author has done some deep research for us. She helped me gain a clear knowledge about the power of a whole food, plant-based diet—as well as the wisdom of my native diet. After moving here, I adopted too much of the American food culture and suffered worse health because of it. As I’ve returned to my native plant-based diet, my health has dramatically improved. As a Mormon, I know the Lord is more pleased when I eat this way.


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Jane Birch is Associate Director of the Brigham Young University Faculty Center where she supports BYU faculty in becoming their best. She is passionate about the Word of Wisdom and the whole food, plant-based diet. She introduces the diet and her book to everyone she can and is excited about the amazing number of people who are "waking up" to the Word of Wisdom. She encourages others to experiment on these words: plant the seeds from the Word of Wisdom in your life and watch to see what fruit they bear.
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