How to Work Like a Cat: Walking with Confidence Through a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Willow Creek Press, 2006 - 94页
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In most jobs, you're expected to work like a dog-show boundless enthusiasm for any dull and pointless task you're assigned; act thrilled with any meager reward that's tossed your way; play nice with other dogs; and never question the leader of the pack.

For your own sanity, you need to wise up and end this ridiculous canine charade. Cats have it all figured out. They live by their own rules. They refuse to be ignored. They're self-assured and serene.

This humorous book helps readers learn to work like a cat instead of a dog, urging readers to break free of the leash and leap up the workplace ladder. 

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作者简介 (2006)

Karen Wormald is a contributor for Willow Creek Press titles including How to Work Like a Cat.