Paris Past & Present, Volume 2

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F. A. Stokes Company, 1902 - Paris (France)
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Page 78 - Un soldat tel que moi peut justement prétendre A gouverner l'État, quand il l'a su défendre. Le premier qui fut roi fut un soldat heureux : Qui sert bien son pays n'a pas besoin d'aïeux.
Page 323 - ... that it had every appearance of a large town, swallowed up in the earth. 'The general height of the roof is about nine or ten feet ; but in some parts not less than thirty, and even forty.
Page 113 - O then I saw her eye was bright, A well of love, a spring of light. But now her looks are coy and cold, To mine they ne'er reply, And yet I cease not to behold The love-light in her eye : Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are.
Page 209 - Mars bathed in the blood of the people while the tricolour has made the circuit of the world, with the name, the glory, and the liberty of your country.
Page 198 - The young men will go to battle; married men will forge arms and transport provisions; women will make tents and clothing and serve in the hospitals...
Page 322 - Fontaine. Virgil, Ovid and Anacreon have each their crypts as well as the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel. And Hervey, whose Meditations are as popular on the continent as they are among the attendants of the Tabernacle, takes his place with Horace, Malherbes, and Jean Baptiste Rousseau. The album which is kept there is not less characteristic of the French nation, — it contains a great many effusions...
Page 208 - I repulse this bloody flag, and you ought to repudiate it more than I! For the red flag that you bring us has only been...
Page 266 - ... two lines of Plane-trees — a road being on each side of the parterres and tree-avenues. For a considerable distance from the Chateau d'Eau, the flower-market that has its head-quarters held there extends down amongst the little railed-in parterres, and the effect is altogether unique. Of avenues, the largest and most picturesque is the Avenue du Bois de Boulogne, leading from the Arc de Triomphe to the Bois de Boulogne. The beauty of which avenue-gardening is capable, even in cities, is fairly...
Page 278 - ... at least indirectly, under the control of the state. The membership, or, as we say, the seat, is a life estate, which can be disposed of by will to a son or nephew only, and that subject to governmental approval. The hours are from 12:30 to 3 o'clock each business day. The agents de change have an exclusive privilege of negotiating transfers of public funds and the sole right of buying and selling securities of all kinds on the Exchange. The annual amount of business transacted in ordinary times...
Page 292 - The curage is accomplished by an ingenious arrangement called a bateau-vanne, and these are boats or carts, at the front of each of which is fixed a shield having the exact dimensions and shape of that portion of the sewer through which the water flows. The shields or flood-gates are pierced with holes large enough to permit water to force itself through, but small enough to check more solid matter, and as the boats go down stream in the canals all solid accumulations are pushed along in front of...

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