The Icelander Thorfinn Karlsefni who Visited the Western Hemisphere in 1007

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private distribution, 1922 - America - 52 pages
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Page 14 - sailing to Wineland, which is America, in the Ninth or Tenth Century, the battle in the harbor he had seen, and his own death he had described.
Page 14 - as it had never been written before, might tell the story of the first discovery of America, myself the discoverer.
Page 5 - to the Girard Avenue Bridge. On the edge of this ground bordered by the Schuylkill River is a stone bulkhead. On top of this embankment it is my will to have erected at distances of one hundred (100) feet apart, on high granite pedestals of uniform shape and size, statuary emblematic of the History of America, ranging in time from the earliest
Page 41 - know to have been the coast of America, but it is an abuse of language to say that they discovered America.
Page 14 - virtue in books, he had talked of some desperate adventure of the Vikings. Of Thorfinn
Page 5 - the term of his natural life, and after his death, I give, devise and bequeath the same to
Page 7 - which will ensure the continuance for all time on a generous scale of the influence of the Association in promoting the aims for which it exists. RESOLVED,, that the Board of Trustees gratefully accepts the bequest of Mrs. Samuel, and will carry out, to the best of its ability, the wishes of the testatrix.
Page 5 - of America to the present Era, arranged in chronological order, the earliest period at the South end, and going on to the present time at the North end; And when all the statues are in place, the income to be spent in buying Statuary and Fountains to decorate the Park
Page 41 - is in the highest degree probable that Leif Ericsson and his friends made a few voyages to what we
Page 7 - RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the Fairmount Park Art Association has received with much satisfaction, notice of the munificent bequest of Mrs. J. Bunford Samuel (Ellen Phillips Samuel) which will provide funds for a comprehensive and dignified treatment of a noble theme—the history of America symbolized in a system of Statuary in Fairmount

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