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Excellant, Inspirational and Educational

User Review  - murfster - Borders

Three Cups of Tea is the most inpirational and educational book I have ever read. It is a book that should be on the reading lists of every American high school and college student, so that we may ... Read full review

One of the best!

User Review  - L8dflyer - Borders

I couldn't put this book down. I normally read these types of books at a slow pace but this one was such a quick read and I had a "learning experience" from the start. EXCELLENT book, well written and I highly recommend it to all! Read full review

Moving Mountains

User Review  - PETER Gyulay - Borders

Greg Mortenson is attempting to scale the summit of K2, in Northern Pakistan – the second highest peak in the world. He fails, and gets lost on his way down the mountain. His failure and loss, however ... Read full review

Excellent , Inspiring, Engrossing and Well Written

User Review  - Divya - Borders

This was an amazingly inspiring book, and was very knowledgeable. Even though we hear about Pakistan and afghanistan all over the place in the news, we hardly know anything without these people and ... Read full review

Get this book!

User Review  - mrsh1020 - Borders

Reccomended to me by a friend in who's taste I trust, so I took the plunge and bought it new (a rarity for me, if I'm not sure of the subject matter, or have never tried the author's other works)... I ... Read full review


User Review  - mish - Borders

All I can say is wow! I had to read this book for summer reading as part of a transitions program into college and to be honest it was a book I would not normally have picked up to read. From the ... Read full review

A must-read!

User Review  - ksReader - Borders

Probably the best book I've ever read (and I read a lot). This book will make you feel that you, personally, know people in Pakistan and Afghanistan. You can't not care about them after you read this ... Read full review

An Inspirational Story for Everyone

User Review  - Alexandra H. - Borders

Greg Mortenson's account of his trip to Pakistan is truly an inspiration for everyone. Mortenson describes what he goes through, from working in the ER, to living in his car, to selling all his ... Read full review

the truth

User Review  - world peace - Borders

I think this book is an important read. Greg Mortenson has spent time in Pakistan and really knows what is going on across the world. The news won't tell us and the government won't, so to have his account on Central Asia, the taliban, and a muslim's view of Americans is refreshing. Read full review

Hard to stop reading

User Review  - chalkmaster -

This book was recommended by a friend. It is wonderful. A good read. Read full review

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