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Everyone should read this book!

User Review  - 10shirl -

I cannot tell you how much I admire Greg Mortenson for what he has chosen to do as his lifes work. This book is so beautifully written by himself and David Relin that I felt that I was there too. I ... Read full review

Making a difference

User Review  - neapolitan -

This book shows how one individual with a sincere desire to make the world a better place has changed the lives of many in a positive fashion. His determination to help girls get an education is now ... Read full review

An Amazing Story

User Review  - mel4277 - Borders

This book was one that I couldn't put down once I got to the heart of it. If you are not into mountain climbing, it may be a bit challenging to get through the first couple of chapters. Stick with it ... Read full review

A Beacon of Hope

User Review  - S Purcell - Borders

While waiting for an early morning flight from Baltimore to Chicago, I began reading "Three Cups of Tea." The moment I finished the book at home just a few days later, I went online and made my first ... Read full review

Id read it again!

User Review  - musiclover2 -

Pakistan and Afghanisan have been out of my world view in the past but this book introduced me to the very human side of the people in those countries. It also gave me a better understanding of Muslim ... Read full review

Three Cups of Tea

User Review  - leslei -

A stunning book! Part breathtaking adventure yarn part journalismhistory in the making part inspirational tale of a man whos sort of stumbled into a passionate mission that consumes his lifeand has ... Read full review

Three Cups of Tea

User Review  - nesch -

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in education equal rights Middle East history & culture U.s. impact the power of one person to make an incredible difference in the lives of many. It is wellwritten very interesting and highly inspirational ... Read full review

Three Cups of Tea

User Review  - snowwhitenp -

Wonderful story of how a persons life and dedication can be changed when you least expect it. Read full review

Three Cups of Team

User Review  - eam08 -

Amazing story overstock has been a pleasure to use... Read full review

The most inspiring story ever!

User Review  - Anonymous - Borders

I couldn't put this down. Greg Mortenson is my hero! This is a story every American should read. Thank you for opening my eyes! Read full review

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