The Credit of the County: A Novel

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1901 - 323 pages
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Page 329 - Cloth, $1.50. The delightful outdoor quality of Mr. Hotchkiss's novel forms a charming accompaniment to the adventurous happenings of the romance. The diary of a soldier of the New Hampshire Grants and the situation of an English youth holding a seigniory in Canada at the beginning of the French and Indian wars provide a variety of dramatic incident. A Fool's Year. By EH COOPER, isrno.
Page 329 - Mr. Hotchkiss has etched in burning words a story of Yankee bravery, and true love that thrills from beginning to end, with the spirit of the Revolution. The heart beats quickly, and we feel ourselves taking a part In the exciting scenes described.
Page 326 - The book has not only a literary grace and distinction, but a sympathetic understanding of conditions, a sense of their artistic values; and a strong feeling for that law of life from which the book takes its tit\e."—£ouisvi/le Evening Post, " Miss Sholl has handled her subject with admirable sureness of touch, with dignity and proper restraint.
Page 325 - Cloth, $1.50. The scene is partly laid in Washington but mainly in that part of West Virginia where the author spent the last three years of his life. Incidents centering about the " Toll-Gate " and a fashionable country home in the neighborhood are related with the author's peculiar humor and...
Page 329 - ' Betsy Ross ' reaches the American ideal in fiction. It is the longlooked-for American novel. Stirring, intense, dealing with great native characters, and recalling some of the noblest incidents connected with our national history, it is the one novel of the time that fulfills the ideal that we had all conceived, but no one had before accomplished.
Page 327 - A novel of first-rate dramatic quality in construction and style, and its climaxes are worked up with fine dramatic art and spirited dialogue." — Brooklyn Eagle. The Career Triumphant. By HENRY B. BOONE, joint Author of " Eastover Courthouse " and " The Redfield Succession." I2mo. Cloth, $1.50. It is always an entertaining subject when the life of the Old Dominion is made the theme for a well-written novel, but Mr. Boone has succeeded in placing in the environment of contemporary Virginia rural...
Page 329 - Cloth, $1.00 ; paper, 50 cents. "A fine, stirring picture of the period, full of brave deeds, startling though not improbable incidents, and of absorbing interest from beginning to end." —Boston Transcript. "A brave, moving, spirited, readable romance. Every one of his pages is aglow with the fire of patriotism, the vigor of adventure, and the daring of reckless bravery.
Page 35 - Alcina from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet, that notwithstanding the grace, the facility, the soft elegance of his verse, Alcina is not beautiful.
Page 330 - A most entertaining love story." — Boston Transcript. " A delightful book for one fond of love affairs, interspersed with duels and other thrilling adventures." — Chicago Chronicle. The Millionaires. Paper, 50 cents ; cloth, $1.00. A Gray Eye or So. Paper, 50 cents ; cloth, $1.00. D. APPLETON AND COMPANY, NEW YORK.
Page 330 - Vividly told, full of romance and adventure. The local atmosphere is intelligently preserved without overloading the story with Irish dialect or peculiar Irish customs. It is one of the best of this clever author's stories.

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