Manual for the Medical Department, United States Army

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1898

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Page 75 - As the equipment of military hospitals remains subject to the laws of war, persons attached to such hospitals cannot, in withdrawing , carry away any articles but such as are their private property. Under the same circumstances an ambulance shall, on the contrary, retain its equipment.
Page 76 - ART. VIII. The details of execution of the present convention shall be regulated by the commanders-in-chief of belligerent armies, according to the instructions of their respective governments, and in conformity with the general principles laid down in this convention.
Page 64 - ... .In passing a recruit the medical officer is to examine him stripped ; to see that he has free use of all his limbs ; that his chest is ample ; that his hearing, vision, and speech are perfect ; that he has no tumors, or ulcerated or extensively cicatrized legs ; no rupture or chronic cutaneous affection ; that he has not received any contusion, or wound of the head, that may impair his faculties ; that he is not a drunkard ; is not subject to convulsions ; and has no infectious disorder, nor...
Page 11 - ... familiar with the practice of the leading physicians and surgeons in this country, and of attending medical lectures, meetings of medical societies, etc. At the end of this tour of duty medical officers are required to make a detailed report to the Surgeon General, showing how much of their time has been occupied by their official duties, and to what extent they have availed themselves of the advantages offered for professional advancement.
Page 7 - States, between twenty-two and twenty-nine years old, of sound health and good character, and a graduate of some regular medical college, in evidence of which his diploma will be submitted to the Board. The scope of the examination will include the morals, habits, physical and mental qualifications of the candidate, and his general aptitude for service; and the Board will report • unfavorably should it have a reasonable doubt of his efficiency in any of these particulars.
Page 12 - Army Regulations, so far as they relate to the Medical Department or to the medical officer as an officer of the Army...
Page 38 - Soiled bed linen, underclothing, etc., used by such patients should be immersed in one of the above-mentioned solutions before it is sent to the laundry. But in the absence of any infectious disease, these disinfecting agents are not required, and their expenditure for purposes of general post sanitation is not authorized.
Page 38 - The proper remedy for such conditions is cleanliness and strict sanitary police. 92. When accumulations of organic material undergoing decomposition can not be removed or buried they may be treated with an antiseptic solution, or with freshly burned quicklime. Quicklime is also a valuable disinfectant, and may be substituted for the more expensive chloride of lime for disinfection of typhoid and cholera excreta, etc. For this purpose freshly prepared milk of lime should be used, containing about...
Page 76 - A distinctive and uniform flag shall be adopted for hospitals, ambulances, and evacuations. It must on every occasion be accompanied by the national flag.
Page 76 - Under the same circumstances an ambulance shall, on the contrary, retain its' equipment. ARTICLE V Inhabitants of the country who may bring help to the wounded shall be respected, and shall remain free. The generals of the belligerent Powers shall make it their care to inform the inhabitants of the appeal addressed to their humanity, and of the neutrality which will be the consequence of it. Any wounded man entertained and taken care of in a house shall be considered as a protection thereto. Any...

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