Shakespeare's Warwickshire contemporaries

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Shakespeare Head Press, 1907 - Stratford-upon-Avon (England) - 273 pages
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Page 79 - The Execution of Justice in England for maintenance of Publique and Christian Peace, against certeine Stirrers of Sedition, and adherents to the traytors and enemies of the Realme, without any PERSECUTION of them for questions of Religion, as is falsely reported...
Page 30 - When all is spoken that can be said, a woman so furnished and garnished with virtue as not to be bettered, and hardly to be equalled by any. As she lived most virtuously, so she died most godly. Set down by him that best did know what hath been written to be true, Thomas Lucy?
Page 219 - Tis a hundred to ten, his soul is not saved : If any man ask, Who lies in this tomb ? "Oh! ho!" quoth the Devil, "'tis my John-a-Combe.
Page 69 - Women (1558) by maintaining that to "promote a woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion or empire above any realm, nation, or city, is repugnant to nature, contumely to God, a thing most contrarious to his revealed will and approved ordinance, and finally it is the subversion of good order, of all equity and justice
Page 30 - All the time of her life a true and faithful servant of her good God, never detected of any crime or vice, in religion most sound, in love to her husband most...
Page 183 - Witty above her sex, but that's not all ; Wise to salvation was good Mistress Hall : Something of Shakespeare was in that ; but this Wholly of Him with whom she's now in bliss.
Page 183 - Witty above her sexe, but that's not all, Wise to Salvation was good Mistris Hall, Something of Shakespeare was in that, but this Wholy of him with whom she's now in blisse. Then, Passenger, ha'st ne're a teare, To weep with her that wept with all ? That wept yet set herself to chere Them up with comforts cordiall.
Page 51 - Lucy her grandmother so bred her since she was eight years old, that she excelled in all noble qualities, becoming a virgin of so sweet proportion of beauty, and harmony of parts.
Page 54 - Diep in Normandy, and there took ship about the beginning of February, when so furious a storm arose, that with very great danger we were at sea all night ; the master of our ship lost both the use...

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