The Breech-loader and how to Use it

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Forest and Stream Publishing Company, 1893 - Firearms - 276 pages
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Page 240 - No birds." 3. If, on the traps being pulled, one bird does not rise, he cannot demand another double rise ; but he must wait and take the bird when it flies. 4. A bird shot on the ground, if the other bird is missed, is a lost bird ; but if the other...
Page 241 - A bird shot on the ground with the first barrel is "No bird," but it may be shot on the ground with the second barrel, if it has been fired at with the first barrel while on the wing ; but if the shooter misses with the first and discharges his second barrel, it is to be accounted a lost bird, in case of not falling within bounds.
Page 241 - If the shooter advances to the mark and orders the trap to be pulled, and does not shoot at the bird, or his gun is not properly loaded, or does not go off, owing to his own negligence, that bird is to be scored lost.
Page 242 - In all handicaps, sweepstakes, or matches, the standard bore of the gun is No. 12. Members shooting with less to go in at the rate of half a yard for every bore less than 12 down to i6-bore.
Page 241 - The shooter must not leave the shooting mark under any pretence to follow up any bird that will not rise, nor may he return to his mark after he has once quitted it to fire his second barrel.
Page 203 - HOLDING AHEAD. It is not the intention of the author to enter into a long dissertation upon the various merits and disadvantages of "holding on" and "holding ahead." It must be confessed that the advocates of the last method have theoretically the best argument, as the following figures prove : — The average speed at which game birds fly may be taken at forty miles per hour, which means that a bird flying across the shooter at that speed will have travelled about 1 2 inches before the quickest...
Page 242 - The winner of a sweepstakes of the value of ten sovereigns, including his own stake, goes back two yards ; under that sum, one yard, provided there be over five shooters. Members saving or dividing in an advertised event will be handicapped accordingly.
Page 259 - DECISION OF JUDGES. — Two judges and a referee shall be appointed to judge all matches. If the judges cannot agree, the referee shall decide, and his decision shall be final. 2. — SPECIAL DUTIES OF REFEREE.— The referee shall see that the traps are properly set at the beginning of a match, and that they are kept in order to the finish. 3. — FLAGS FOR JUDGES. — Each judge shall be provided with a red flag and a white flag. They shall raise the red flag to indicate a "broken...
Page 240 - The shooter, when he is at his mark ready to shoot, shall give the caution "Are you ready?" to the puller, and then call "Pull.
Page 241 - Each bird must be recovered within the boundary, if required by any party interested, or it must he scored lost. 11. — If a bird that has been shot at perches or settles on the top of the fence, or on any part of the buildings higher than the fence, it is to be scored a lost bird.

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