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Page 189 - Insect Life, ( Devoted to the economy and life habits of insects, especially in their relation to agriculture, and edited by the Entomologist and his assistants.
Page 260 - Antiquities," was received, and referred to the Publication Committee. The report of the Committee on Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws was...
Page 311 - Academy has lost a member whose kind words of encouragement have always cheered our efforts and whose generous aid has ever been ready to assist us. Resolved, That while we deplore his death as a great loss to us, we will ever cherish the memory of his kindness and support of all good works, and his most generous provision for the future of this Academy. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon our records and a copy thereof be sent to the bereaved widow and children. ES BALLORD, SF SMITH,...
Page 242 - If all the books in the world , except the Philosophical Transactions, were destroyed, it is safe to say that the foundations of physical science would remain unshaken, and that the vast intellectual progress of the last two centuries would be largely, though incompletely, recorded.
Page 242 - ... and the name of philosopher, or lover of wisdom, is given to those who lead such a life. But it is by no means necessary that a man should do nothing else than study known truths and explore new, in order to earn this high title. Some of the greatest philosophers in all ages have been engaged in the pursuits of active life ; and an assiduous devotion of the bulk of our time to the work which our condition requires, is an important duty, and indicates the possession of practical wisdom.
Page 253 - Section 7. The officers shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting, and must receive a majority of the votes cast, only one officer being elected at each balloting.
Page 194 - Notice of the Butterflies and Orthoptera collected by Mr. George M. Dawson, as Naturalist of the BNA Boundary Commission.
Page 180 - We may emphasize this other statement — "the design upon it affiliates with the art of Mexico and so close and striking are the resemblances that accident cannot account for them, and we are forced to the conclusion that it must be the offspring of the same beliefs and customs and the same culture as the art of Mexico.
Page 229 - TRUSTEES' MEETING. President CE Putnam in the chair; eight members present. Mr. Pratt called the attention of the Trustees to the desirability of prosecuting more actively the work of mound exploration, and, after considerable discussion as to ways and means, a resolution was adopted providing for the appointment of a committee of three to solicit subscriptions for the work. Messrs. GP McClelland, EP Lynch, and James Thompson were appointed such committee.
Page 48 - Geological features of the Rio Grande Valley from El Paso to the Mouth of the Pecos River. Vol. I., Pt. II., p. 49. Report of a Geological Survey of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. By David Dale Owen. Systematic Catalogue of Plants of Wisconsin and Minnesota. 1848. Art. V., p. 606. • Reports of the US Department of Agriculture. Character of Herbarium, etc. 1869, p. 91. Royal Gardens at Kew, etc. 1870, p. 108. Botanical Explorations in East Tennessee. 1871, p. 221 (f). Cinchona Planting in Jamaica....

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