The New Chemistry

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D. Appleton, 1874 - Chemistry - 326 pages
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Page 327 - Although these Works are not specially designed for the instruction of beginners, still, as they are intended to address the non-scientific public, they will be, as far as possible, explanatory in character, and free from technicalities.
Page 328 - BASTIAN, MD, FRS The Brain as an Organ of Mind. Prof. AC RAMSAY, LL.D., FRS Earth Sculpture : Hills, Valleys, Mountains, Plains, Rivers, Lakes ; how they were Produced, and how they have been Destroyed.
Page 336 - Part I. MECHANICS, HYDROSTATICS, and PNEUMATICS. Part II. HEAT. Part III. ELECTRICITY and MAGNETISM. Part IV. SOUND and LIGHT. Saturday Review. " Systematically arranged, clearly written, and admirably illustrated, showing...
Page 332 - Herbert Spencer is unquestionably the foremost living thinker in the psychological and sociological fields, and this volume is an important contribution to the science of which it treats. ... It will prove...
Page 334 - The plan of the ' Descriptive Sociology ' is new, and the task Is one eminently fitted to be dealt with by Mr. Herbert Spencer's faculty of scientific organizing.
Page 336 - The work is published in a magnificent style ; the woodcuts especially are admirable." Quarterly Journal of Science. " We have no work in our own scientific literature to be compared with it, and we are glad that the translation has fallen into such good hands as those of Professor Everett. ... It will form an admirable text-book.
Page 329 - On Cephalization ; or, Head-Characters in the Gradation and Progress of Life. Prof. SW JOHNSON, MA. On the Nutrition of Plants. Prof. AUSTIN FLINT, Jr. MD The Nervous System and its Relation to the Bodily Functions. Prof.
Page 335 - Salts, the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, and the Recovery of Sulphur from Soda- Waste, of course occupy prominent places in the consideration of chemical manufactures. It is difficult to over-estimate the mercantile value of Mond's process, as well as the many new and important applications of Bisulphide of Carbon. The manufacture of Soap will be found to include much detail. The Technology of Glass, Stoneware, Limes and Mortars, will present much of interest to the Builder and Engineer.
Page 333 - RELIGION AND SCIENCE. A Series of Sunday Lectures on the Relation of Natural and Revealed Religion, or the Truths revealed in Nature and Scripture. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL.
Page 334 - ... system those which govern the development of individual life. Now, it is obvious that the development of societies can be studied only in their history, and that general conclusions which shall hold good beyond the limits of particular societies cannot be safely drawn except from a very wide range of facts.

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