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Ellen G. White who lived from 1827-1915 wrote "The Great Controversy" about the spiritual war between God and Satan. In it she explains clearly the spiritual war between good and evil that has been going on throughout human history. Ninety-nine percent of the human beings who've ever lived on this Earth have lived their entire lives (and died) without the slightest awareness that this spiritual struggle was (and is) going on all around us, every day, all the time.
If you read it, take your time, and do it when you have the time to go slowly, and try to understand the meaning of what she says.
Once you have read and absorbed what she says, you will recognize the deception that Satan causes in many things that you see and hear in your daily life, especially coming from people who are ignorant of God's teachings, and you will see the connection between what you hear today and what Satan has been doing since the beginning of human history. It is a continuous thread because it comes from the same source...Satan. You will find alot here that conflicts with what you may have been led to believe. You will have to decide what to believe.
In my humble opinion, many so-called Christian churches, including the Catholic church, have fallen into some of the errors warned about in this book.

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This is a wonderful book that brings sobering attention to the things going on in our world.
Unfortunately, some people don't appreciate this book and make disparaging remarks. People did the same
to the writings of prophets in the days of the Old Testament, and a later group of people crucified the Messiah because they didn't study the prophecies of the Bible having to do with their day. In rebuking the people of Amos' day, two charges were leveled: "But ye gave the Nazarites wine to drink; and commanded the prophets, saying, Prophesy not." (Amos 2:12). Today there is much confusion in the world so far as who Jesus is and what it means to serve him. I believe wine represents the confused thinking. There is little need for much explanation about telling the prophets not to prophecy. We need to study the prophecies of the Bible more. This book helps understand them in their historical context.  

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yes she is a seventh day adventist

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The book about the greatest battle in the history of the universe.

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