Manual of Practical Pharmaceutical Assaying: Including Details of the Simplest and Best Methods of Determining the Strength of Crude Drugs and Galenical Preparations

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D. O. Haynes, 1886 - Pharmaceutical chemistry - 151 pages
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Page 56 - Twenty grams of the dry and finely powdered root are exhausted by hot percolation with a mixture of equal parts by volume of chloroform and absolute alcohol ; if an extraction apparatus is used about 60 cc of the mixture is required. The percolate is agitated with two successive 25 cc of distilled water, which are separated in the usual way. These are mixed and well agitated with chloroform to remove the last traces of mechanically adherent colouring matter.
Page 60 - Put one fourth of a test tube full of bone black into a small flask and pour over it about 50 cc. of water, to which has been added a few drops of a solution of litmus or of indigo.
Page 136 - ... figures, and it will suffice and be measurably accurate and certainly conservative if we assume that the cost of producing one net horse-power per annum will be at least $50 less by water-power than by steam-power for continuous power day and night, and for working hours annually at ten hours daily we shall not be far out of the way if we assume the saving at $25 per net horse-power, not including interest on the cost of plant, depreciation, taxes or insurance, which may, for our present purposes,...
Page 102 - ... sulphuric ether, and then hydrochloric acid to the extent of three-tenths, and sulphuric acid to the extent of one-tenth the weight of the hydrastis employed. Place the liquid, after mixing well, in a cool place, and after fortyeight hours collect the crystalline precipitate on a filter paper and wash it with a mixture of equal parts of sulphuric ether and alcohol until the crystals are free from uncombined acid; then dry it at a temperature of 125° Fah. and weigh it. ° Since this sentence...
Page 145 - Pharmacopoeia, which is as follows : One part dissolved in 500 parts of water, acidulated with 7.5 parts of hydrochloric acid, should digest at least 50 parts of hard boiled Egg Albumen in 5 to 6 hours at ico° to 104° F. DRY PEPSIN CONCENTRATED, Possessing 8 times the strength of the above. Particularly' recommended to manufacturers.
Page 74 - Next, i or 2 cc. of 10 per cent, acid is added, and the whole vigorously shaken. If this mixture forms an emulsion which does not separate within an hour or two, a further addition of acid, and a repeated agitation will cause a more prompt separation. The lower watery solution is drawn off into another separator, and the ether residue is washed with 10 cc. of acidulated water, this washing being added to the watery solution, and the ether residue being thrown away.
Page 51 - If the effect is greater or less than that expected, a second trial may be made, after an interval of several hours. Tinctures and fluid extracts of aconite root may be assayed by the same test. These are simply diluted with water so that 600 parts of the solution represent either alternative of the foregoing gravimetric method, or by the volumetric method. In the...
Page 141 - The only fault that can be found with it is that it is not readily self-fertile, and so should not be planted in large blocks by itself.
Page 78 - Correct the result by subtracting for each cc. of fluid present at the end of the titration 0'025 cc., and multiply the remainder by 14'9, to obtain the quantity of hydrastine in milligrams.
Page 4 - ... added experience will no doubt find still something in them to change and improve. They are offered for what they are worth, in the belief that to those at least who do not read German they will be of material service, and that from this small beginning there will arise before many years a literature in our own tongue of a subject of such growing importance.

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