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Page 804 - I say that man was made to grow, not stop; That help, he needed once, and needs no more, Having grown but an inch by, is withdrawn: For he hath new needs, and new helps to these. This imports solely, man should mount on each New height in view; the help whereby he mounts, The ladder-rung his foot has left, may fall, Since all things suffer change save God the Truth.
Page 29 - Ridge, from 24 miles to 27 miles, 15 chains from Cooma, there is a great development of radiolarian cherts and shales. As these are striking in the direction of Stockyard Creek, Byadbo, where Mr. JE Carne, FGS, has discovered, in rocks lithologically identical, numerous Lower Silurian graptolites (47). There can be little doubt, we think, that these rocks too at Barney's ridge are Lower Silurian. This supposition is much strengthened by the recent discovery by Mr. WS Dun, Palaeontologist to the Geological...
Page 748 - Mr. Lewin is a painter and drawer in natural history, and being desirous of pursuing his studies in a country which cannot fail to improve that branch of knowledge, you will allow him the usual Government rations during his residence in the settlement.
Page 747 - Mr. Caley has observed within the limits of the colony of Port Jackson nearly 50 species of Eucalyptus, most of which are distinguished, and have proper names applied to them, by the native inhabitants, who from differences • These Proceedings, vii., 397, 1882.
Page 479 - American Naturalist, Cambridge. Vol. xxxv. No. 414 (June, 1901). From the Editor. Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences — Science Bulletin. Vol. i. No. 1 (April, 1901). From the Institute. California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco— Occasional Papers. No. vii. Synopsis of California Stalk-eyed Crustacea. By SJ Holmes (June, 1900): Proceedings. Third Series. Botany. Vol. i. No. 10; Vol. ii. Nos. 1-2 (1900) : Geology.
Page 217 - Australian Museum, Sydney — Special Catalogue. No. i. (Nests and Eggs of Birds found breeding in Australia and Tasmania By AJ North, CMZS).
Page 303 - ... varying in size from that of a walnut to that of a small child's head — the taste more or less aromatic, sweet, or subacid. It is produced on spurs, which spring from branchlets of two or more years growth, and continue to bear for a series of years.
Page 57 - ... an elevation of more than 2000 feet near Napier. I have elsewhere || given reasons for concluding that the former great extension of our glaciers was caused by greater elevation of the land during the interval between the Pareora System and the marine beds of the Wanganui System. As these marine beds are fossiliferous in the North Island only, where there are no traces of former glaciation, it is not possible to get direct proof of this; but in Otago the old Taieri moraine, between Lake Waihola...
Page 772 - Proceedings, xxv. 591. 2. From Cobar to the Bogan River above Nyngan. Ib. p. 708. 3. Mudall on the Bogan to Euabalong on the Lachlan.
Page 304 - Queensland," by Jack and Etheridge, Dr. Jack describes these rocks briefly as follows:— '•On the Maranoa River, about half-a-mile north of the railway, are blue shales with bands of limestone nodules. The shales and limestones at the lowest point down the river dip up the river at about 15 deg.

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