The Historians of Scotland, Volume 8

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Edmonston and Douglas, 1885 - Scotland
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Page 258 - Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men : and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.
Page 385 - Sharbil, a document which was written probably at the end of the fourth or beginning of the fifth century and...
Page 358 - Gildas' i words, where, speaking of the first recruit that was sent to the Saxons into Britain, he thus expresses himself : ' Supra dicta genitrix ' (meaning the country of the first Saxons or English) ' primo comperiens agmini fuisse prosperatum, item mittit satellitum canumque prolixiorem catastam, quae ratibus advecta, adunatur cum manipularibus spuriis.
Page 46 - Et cum plurimam insulae partem (incipientes ab Austro) possedissent (Britones) contigit gentem Pictorum de Scythia (ut perhibent) longis navibus non multis oceanum ingressam,' etc.; and after telling us that they first landed in Ireland, and not finding a settlement there they came over to the north of Britain and established themselves: ' Itaque petentes Britanniam Picti habitare per septentrionales Insulae partes cceperunt : nam austrina Britones occupaverant' From which passages it seems plainly...
Page 421 - ... Edan, filii Gabran, filii Domangrat, filii Fergusa, filii Eire, filii Echach-muinremuir, filii Oengus-aphir, filii Fedelinthe-aislingig, filii Oengusa-buiding, filii Fedelinthe-ruamnaich, filii Senchormaic, filii Cruitlinde, filii Findfece, filii Achircir, filii Achachantoit, filii Fiacrach-cathmail, filii Echdach-riada, filii Conore, filii Mogalanda, filii Luigdig, filii Ellatig, filii Corpre-crumpchimi, filii Dare-dornmoir, filii Corbre, filii Admoir, filii Conarre-moir, filii Eterscenil, filii...
Page 202 - ... of other Princes of Christendom, that we will make ourselves a plain party against them, to the revenge of their Sovereign, for example to all posterity...
Page 415 - Brigide, usque ad d1em judicii, cum suis finibus, que posite sunt a lapide in Apurfeirt usque ad lapidem juxta Ceirfuill, id est, Lethfoss, et inde in altum usque ad Athan.
Page 274 - Malaa, and traversed Maritana (Mauritania), and sailed over the Mediterranean to the Columns of Hercules and came as far as Spain, and there dwelt many years. And they increased and were multiplied, and their people was greatly multiplied. Afterwards they came to Hibernia, a thousand and two years after the Egyptians were drowned in the Red Sea, &c. The Britons came to Britain in the third age of the world, and the Scots got possession of Hibernia in the fourth V Such is the Irish story, as it has...
Page 202 - Throckmorton to inform them that " if they shall determine anything to the deprivation of the queen, their sovereign lady, of her royal estate, we are well assured of our own determination, and we have some just and probable cause to think the like of other princes of Christendom, that we will make ourselves a plain party against them to the revenge of their sovereign...
Page 417 - Hiberneusium et archiepiscopus, apud Laignechos, id est, Cormace filius Culennan. Et mortui sunt in tempore hujus, Doneualdus rex Britannorum, et Duuenaldus filius Ede rex eligitur ; et Flann filius Maelsethnaill, et Niall filius Ede, qui regnavit tribus annis post Flann, etc. Bellum Tinemore factum est in xviii. anno inter Constantinum et Regnall, et Scotti habuerunt victoriam. Et bellum Duinbrunde in xxxiiij. ejus anno ubi cecidit filius Indrechtaig, mormair Oengusa.

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