The design and construction of dams: including masonry, earth, rock-fill, and timber structures, also the principal types of movable dams

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Wiley, 1899 - Technology & Engineering - 250 pages
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Page 204 - Ample means shall be provided for watering the banks, and any portion of the embankment to which a layer is being applied shall be so wet, when required, that water will stand on the surface. The contractor shall furnish at his own cost the necessary steam...
Page 215 - The plans and specifications are intended to be explanatory of each other, but should any discrepancy appear or any misunderstanding arise as to the import of anything contained in either, the explanation of the Engineer shall be final and binding on the Contractor. Any correction of errors or omissions in drawings and specifications may be made by the Engineer when such correction is necessary for the proper fulfilment of their intention as construed by him.
Page 216 - The inspection of the work shall not relieve the Contractor of any of his obligations to fulfill his contract as herein prescribed, and defective work shall be made good, and unsuitable materials may be rejected, notwithstanding that such work and materials have been previously overlooked by the Engineer and accepted or estimated for payment. If the work, or any...
Page 199 - The work will also be built in conformity with these specifications. These plans show only the general character of the work, and during its progress such working plans will be furnished from time to time by the engineer as he may deem necessary.
Page 209 - To insure its good quality, all the cement furnished by the Contractor will be subject to inspection and rigorous tests; and if found of improper quality will be branded, and must be immediately removed from the work; the character of the tests to be determined by the Engineer.
Page 208 - American cement and Portland cement are to be used. The American cement must be in good condition and must be equal in quality to the best Rosendale cement. It must be made by manufacturers of established reputation, must be fresh and very fine ground, and in well-made casks.
Page 209 - ... mixed in the proportion of one part of cement to two parts of sand. The wash should be applied with a brush.
Page 104 - That a gravity dam built in plan on a curve of long radius, derives no appreciable aid from arch action, so long as the masonry remains intact ; but that in case of a yielding of the masonry the curved form might prove of advantage. ' ' The division between what may be called a long radius and what may be called a short radius, is, of course, indefinite, and depends somewhat upon the height of the dam. In a general way we would speak of a radius under...
Page 208 - The contractor shall, at all times, keep in store at some convenient point in the vicinity of the work, a sufficient quantity of cement to allow ample time for the tests to be made without delay to the work of construction. The engineer shall be notified at once of each delivery of cement. It shall be stored in a tight building, each cask must be raised several inches above the ground, by blocking or otherwise.
Page 209 - ... by the engineer. The concrete shall be allowed to set for twelve hours, or more, if so directed, before any work shall be laid upon it; and no walking over or working upon it shall be allowed while it is setting.

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