Paris and Environs: With Routes from London to Paris

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K. Baedeker, 1907 - Paris (France) - 500 pages
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Page iv - thy prayere Unto them all that thee will read or hear, Where thon ait wrong, after their help to call , Thee to correct in any part or all 1
Page vi - is the sole passport to his commendation, and that advertisements of every kind are strictly excluded from his Handbooks. Hotel-keepers are also warned against persons representing themselves as agents for Baedeker's Handbooks. Abbreviations. B. — room,
Page 435 - Pierre-lèsCalais, and a fortress of the first class, derives its chief importance from its harbour and its traffic with England, to which it is the nearest port on the French coast. Dover is 18 M. distant. About 260,000 travellers pass through the town annually.
Page 435 - The Old Harbour, with the former railwaystation, lies nearest to the Place d'Armes ; the imposing "New Harbour farther to the E. The Gare Maritime (PI. C, 2), where passengers from England find the train for Paris waiting, is situated on the NB side of the Avant-Port (PI. B, C, 2), and is connected by a short branch-line
Page xi - /2 franc ; Nickel of 25 centimes ; Bronze of 10 and 5 centimes (100 centimes = 1 franc). '/Sou' is the old name, still in common use, for 5 centimes ; thus, a 5-franc piece is sometimes called 'une pièce de cent sous', 2 fr. = 40 sous, l fr. = 20 sous, '/ 2 fr. = 10 sous. Italian, Belgian,
Page vi - very fair'. At the same time the Editor does not doubt that comfortable quarters are to be obtained at houses both of the first and second class that he has not recommended or even mentioned. It should,
Page 124 - Death of a martyr (triptych) ; *1260. Cimabue, Madonna and angels, from San Francesco at Pisa (freely restored) ; "1312. Giotto, St. Francis of Assisi receiving th,e stigmata ; below, Vision of Innocent III., the same pope confirming the statutes of the order of St. Francis, and St. Francis preaching to the birds : a genuine, signed picture, painted for
Page 432 - belong to the 13th and 15th cent., the former being 181 ft., the latter 210 ft. in height, but like the central spire they are too small for the edifice. The principal W. portal, one of the finest parts of the building, was completed towards the end of the 14th century.
Page 392 - it was frequently involved in the wars of the kings of France with the kings of England and the dukes of Normandy, and also in the civil struggles of later date. The only remains of its fortifications are the walls of the ancient château, which protected the town on the side next the
Page xvii - Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, in consequence of the Triple Alliance, 1668. War with Holland, Passage of the Rhine, 1672. Occupation of the provinces of Utrecht and Guelderland. Victories of Turenne over the Imperial army in Alsace, 1674. Death of Turenne at Sassbach, 1675. Admiral Duquesne defeats the Dutch fleet

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