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User Review  - Cynthia Austin -

This two was an excellent book, and one day i know that i will have my place there as well. if you were every curious as to what heaven looked like, this is the book to answer your questions Read full review

User Review  - Wayne -

I am still reading this book, it is very hard to stop reading. This book bring hope and joy know ing that God have a place for us in His kingdom. I am so exciting that He call me so that I made be ... Read full review

User Review  - Gail Blakey -

I thank God for Mary K. Baxter and her obedience in sharing all the good things He has instore for those who love Him. What a wonderful book based on scripture! It was hard to put it down. I pray that He continues to use her for the building of His Kingdom. Thank you, Jesus! Read full review

User Review  - Juliet Christie -

Powerful, exciting, gives the reader a visual of heaven; a hope and assurance that there is a wonderful after life when the right choice is made. This book convinces the reader that eerything Jesus promised is true.Enjoyed every word. Will continue to buy copies to give to others. Read full review

User Review  - Charles Chauveheid -

Reading this book, who does not want to go to Heaven? Thanks Lord and thanks Mary for letting you used by the Holy Spirit. Read this book and you'll feel really like to go to Heaven. Read full review

User Review  - ross ali -

This book is very nice and descriptive...Probably the best book for a description of our soon-to-come kingdom soon... :o)I would let the world read this book to see not even a little of what awaits us. Read full review

User Review  - Yvonne Snyder -

This book is so encouraging. I read Baxter's book on Hell first which lifted me out of complacency as to my walk with the Lord. This one draws your appetite for the Lord and His Kingdom in strong way ... Read full review

User Review  - Annette Cotto -

This book was pretty good in the beginning but then she started repeating her self over and over again and i found it weird..i couldn't finish reading it Read full review

User Review  - Cescilly Owens -

This book is fantastic and very comforting for anyone wanting a glimpse of Heaven. Thank you Mary for sharing your revelation and testimony! Read full review

User Review  - Renz -

It's so nice....I knew God more and more. Because of this I learn to be more careful about choosing what I want. Thank you for sharing this book with me. Read full review

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