The Principles and practice of dermatology

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D. Appleton and Company, 1907 - 1021 pages

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Page 3 - Hyde and Frank Hugh Montgomery; Lee Bros. & Co., 1904. Bangs and Hardaway - "Text-book of Genito-Urinary Diseases, Syphilis, and Diseases of the Skin," edited by L. Bolton Bangs and WA Hardaway; WB Saunders, 1898. MacLeod =•"Pathology of the Skin," by JMH MacLeod; P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1903. La
Page 892 - papules and nodules from the size of a pinhead to that of a pea or bean. of pinkish or reddish color, and occurring upon the front and back of the trunk, being especially abundant below the clavicle. There has
Page 463 - Colby, and Winfield. Savill describes the disease as " a contagious malady in which the main lesion is a dermatitis, sometimes attended by the formation of vesicles, always resulting in desquamation of the cuticle ; usually accompanied by a certain amount of constitutional disturbance, and running a more or less definite course of seven or eight weeks.
Page 169 - made. The best that can be done in the present state of our knowledge is to group the diseases of the skin as far as possible upon the basis of their resemblances in essential features. When possible, the characteristics upon which the grouping is based are
Page 297 - external irritation and characterized in some stage of its evolution by serous exudation. . . . The definition of eczema here given excludes all forms of inflammation of the skin caused by chemical or mechanical irritants. The artificial dermatitis set up by such agents is identical anatomically with the eczematous process and gives rise to
Page 188 - spots of a bright red color. In the center of each spot there is noted, in strong daylight, a minute, bluish-white speck. These red spots with accompanying specks of a bluish-white color are absolutely pathognomonic of beginning measles, and when seen can be relied upon as a forerunner of the eruption. . . . Sometimes only a few red spots with this central bluish point may
Page 316 - and this occurs in a considerable area around the vesicle. The cell body undergoes molecular changes and does not stain well. The lighter part of the mucous layer in the drawing shows the extent of this molecular change and corresponds to the area of inflammation in the papillary layer of
Page 62 - Tip of tongue 1.1 mm. Palm of last phalanx of finger 2.2 " Palm of second phalanx of finger 4.4 " Tip of nose 6.6 " White part of lips 8.8 " Back of second phalanx of finger 11.1 " Skin over malar bone 15.4
Page 853 - tops may be found on all of the papules. The papules vary from the size of a pinhead to that of a pea. They may be conical, rounded, or in
Page 771 - conclusions concerning it are as follows : " The disease is a syndrome dependent upon abdominal carcinosis, and characterized (I) from a clinical viewpoint by (1) a papillary hypertrophy and a cutaneous pigmentation having an essentially regional character;

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