The Philebus of Plato

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University Press, 1897 - Knowledge, Theory of - 224 pages
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Page xxiv - Polus that cookery in my opinion is only an experience, and not an art at all; and that whereas medicine is an art, and attends to the nature and constitution of the patient, and has principles of action and reason in each case, cookery in attending upon pleasure never regards either the nature or reason of that pleasure to which she devotes herself, but goes straight to her end...
Page 11 - Zweitens, wie, indem jede einzelne immer dieselbe und weder des Entstehens noch des Vergehens fähig ist, sie gleichwohl ganz sicher diese eine sei, seil, für die wir sie halten, dh wie wir zur Erkenntnis der einzelnen Idee gelangen , da die Ideen außerhalb der Sphäre des Entstehens und Vergehens liegen, innerhalb deren wir uns befinden.
Page xxi - Moreover, the relation of the one to the many or of the part to the whole is represented in comparative purity by geometrical figures, or again by rhythms or spatial intervals that bear numerical relation to one another. And for this reason Greek philosophy is inclined to select mathematical form, ratio, or proportion, as the pure and typical embodiment of beauty.
Page xxi - ... indispensable basis of that idea of system or totality of interdependent parts, which was destined to be the structure erected by modern speculation upon the definite foundation laid by the Greek thinkers. The relation of whole to part — a slightly more concrete expression for unity in variety — has never been more perfectly elucidated and more justly appreciated than by Plato and Aristotle, and it is in recognising the satisfaction afforded to the mind by the sensuous or imaginative embodiment...
Page xxvi - But the sense of supreme and absolute reality belongs in a much higher degree to the Platonic 96a1? than to the Nature of modern or even of Aristotelian philosophy.
Page xxvi - Kara. фози> and тга/зо ф. is a mark of increasing lateness. ...The Philebus is unquestionably late ; here the occurrences are seven and the distinct usages five in number (22 B, 27 A, 32 A, 32 B, 50 E). A perceptible advance towards Stoicism may be found in the very pointed distinction drawn between ' natural ' pains (0i)im á\yr¡S6i>es) and those superinduced by reflection (Xoyurpos 52 A).
Page 206 - Bestandteil zugesetzt wird, und diess kann um so weniger zweifelhaft sein, als fast unmittelbar nachher (p. 65 D) erklärt wird, die Erkenntniss sei ' Entweder ganz dasselbe wie die Wahrheit oder ihr doch unter allen am ähnlichsten und das wahrste.
Page lxiv - The indefinite matter is the same for the idea and for the particular. The limitant quantity of the particular differs from, but at the same time more or less approximates to, the limitant quantity of the idea ; and the more nearly the limitant quantity of the particular approximates to the limitant quantity of the idea, the more closely the particular resembles the idea. Thus the relation of the particular to the idea is now no more than resemblance to a type, the causal function of the idea, as...
Page 86 - But until this judgment of mine is approved and established in us both, it is impossible for it to escape (or become exempt from) examination.
Page 171 - Paley's version is:—'that the first is surely that connected with measure and the moderate, with right time and place, and with all those qualities and conditions which we must suppose that, as being of the like kind, the eternal Nature has chosen for its own.... The second, then...

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