Side-lights on New Testament research: Seven lectures delivered in 1908, at Regent's Park college, London

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Kingsgate press, James clarke & co., 1908 - Bible - 243 pages
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Page 108 - And some began to spit on him, and to cover his face, and to buffet him, and to say unto him, Prophesy : and the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands.
Page 149 - The author is very sensible, that in the sacred writings there's no place for conjectures or emendations. Diligence and fidelity, with some judgment and experience, are the characters here requisite.
Page 68 - ... till morning. A certain discreet person is despatched to the dead and living ford to draw a pitcher of water in profound silence, without the vessel touching the ground, lest its virtue should be destroyed, and on his return all retire to rest. Early on new year's morning the Usque-Cashrichd, or water from the dead...
Page 4 - I believe, many others, would not lament, if out of the old manuscripts yet untouched, 10,000 more were faithfully collected ; some of which without question would render the text more beautiful, just, and exact; though of no consequence to the main of religion, nay, perhaps, wholly synonymous in the view of common readers, and quite insensible in any modern version,
Page 93 - I inquired into the words of the presbyters, what Andrew or Peter or Philip or Thomas or James or John or Matthew, or any other of the Lord's disciples, had said, and what Aristion and the presbyter John, the Lord's disciples, were saying.
Page 10 - Scholars sitting round their table, they should have produced a Translation which, for the most part, reads like a first-rate school-boy's crib, — tasteless, unlovely, harsh, unidiomatic; — servile without being really faithful, — pedantic without being really learned; — an unreadable Translation, in short; the result of a vast amount of labour indeed, but of wondrous little skill: — how all this has come about it were utterly useless at this time of day to enquire (op.
Page 68 - Usquecashrichd, or water from the dead and living ford is drunk, as a potent charm until next New Year's day, against the spells of witchcraft, the malignity of evil eyes, and the activity of all infernal agency. The qualified Highlander then takes a large brush, with which he profusely asperses the occupants of all beds; from whom it is not unusual for him to receive ungrateful remonstrances against ablution.
Page 104 - When the whole evidence is taken together, it becomes clear that the Section first came into St John's Gospel as an insertion in a comparatively late Western text, having originally belonged to an extraneous independent source. That this source was either the Gospel according to the Hebrews or the Expositions of the Lord's Oracles of Papias is a conjecture only; but it is a conjecture of high probability.
Page 137 - Gospel, the closing Epistles, and the Book of Revelation, are entirely my own translating. The middle part of the volume is founded on the work of some unknown individual, whose pious labours were deposited in the British Museum. I took the liberty of altering and supplying what appeared to me to be requisite; and I feel great pleasure in recording the benefit which I first derived from the labours of my unknown predecessor.
Page 5 - It will not be out of- place to add here a distinct expression of our belief that even among the numerous unquestionably spurious readings of the New Testament there are no signs of deliberate falsification of the text for dogmatic purposes.

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