Occult Science in Medicine

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Theosophical Publishing Society, 1893 - Alchemy - 100 pages
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Page 9 - planets and this centre Observe degree, priority and place, Insisture, course, proportion, season, form, Office, and custom, in all line of order.
Page 15 - fool thinks he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
Page 38 - ideal, but far more substantial than the terrestrial man. William Law says : " Where Christ is born or His Spirit rises up in the soul, there all self is denied and obliged to turn out, there all carnal wisdom, arts of advancement, with every pride and glory of this life, are
Page 60 - feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, loves and hates), call them by whatever name you like, and as all the celestial bodies in space are connected with each other by invisible links, so are the organs in man not entirely independent of each other, but depend on each other to a certain extent. His heart is his ( • )' his brain his ( (
Page 66 - or even ATMABUDDHI, which is the individual or divine man, but MANAS; for Atman is the Universal All, and becomes the Higher Self of man only in conjunction with BUDDHI, its vehicle, which links IT to the individuality (or
Page 9 - distress, trial, trouble," &c., but against either of these definitions objections may be raised. James Paget says: " Ease and disease, well and ill, and all their synonyms are relative terms, of which none can be
Page 38 - so many heathen idols, all willingly renounced, and the man is not only content, but rejoices to say that his kingdom is not of this
Page 60 - The greatest difficulty in the understanding of occult laws arises from the circumstance that we cannot perceive remote causes or seek to connect them with ultimate effects without being able to see through the intricate network of intermediary causes between the two ends.
Page 27 - an absurdity by the next, and that which is regarded as a superstition in one century
Page 88 - Without a spiritual recognition of the fundamental principles of Nature, a seeking from a superficial point of view for a discovery of the mysteries of being is like an unfruitful wandering in a fog. It resembles a search from the periphery of a sphere of unknown extent for a centre whose locality is unknown; while if we have once a correct conception of the situation of that

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