My Memories of a Future Life

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011 - Fiction - 366 pages
'Genius premise ... characters you won't want to leave behind'
'Reminded me of The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas (one of my Top Shelf Authors = I Want To Write Like That.)'
'Reminded me of Doris Lessing--though Morris is much more readable.'
'The ideas are fresh, the plot unpredictable, the characters interesting; I was entirely engaged and convinced. I liked the writing very much, with its story within a story having echoes of Atwood's 'Blind Assassin'.
'Distinct voice reminded me of Atwood's Handmaid's Tale.'
'Having read Hilary Mantel's Beyond Black, which also explores the murky lives of charlatans, I was intrigued by the subject. What I got was a first class page-turner.'
'I was reminded of Iain Banks; London is a gritty, grave place, where to step off the treadmill can leave one on the outside.'
'Reminded me at first of The Time Traveller's wife; strong imagery and layers of story within a story. However it grew into something quite different.'
'Gave me the creepy feeling of Rosemary's Baby or the Wicker Man'
'Like John Fowles's The Magus ... the sort of literature I enjoy reading .. an unsettling plot with hints of more beyond. Not the depressing realism of your typical Booker novelist or the light fluffiness of middle class city life.'
'Like Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland, although this book uses its double narrative in a more straightforward fashion (which I appreciate).'
'I have had to wrestle with monsters of professional jealousy to review this book. It is SO good.'
'Reminds me of the canny cultural observations of Barbara Pym or Penelope Fitzgerald. Prepare to be surprised, mystified, and sorry it ends.'
'Not easily categorised. Should I call it a literary novel? Science Fiction? Romance? You could make a case for any one.'
'Excellent. Will read it again soon.'
If your life is another person's past...
What echoes do you leave in their soul?
Could they be the answers you need now?
It's a question Carol never expected to face. She's a gifted musician who needs nothing more than her piano and certainly doesn't believe she's lived before. But forced by injury to stop playing, she fears her life may be over. Enter her soulmate Andreq: healer, liar, fraud and loyal friend. Is he her future incarnation or a psychological figment? And can his story help her discover how to live now?
A novel in the tradition of "The Time Traveller's Wife, Vertigo" and "The Gargoyle," "My Memories of a Future Life" is much more than a 'who was I' tale. It is a multi-layered story of souls on conjoined journeys - in real time and across the centuries. It's a provocative study of the shadows we don't know are driving our lives, from our own pasts and from the people with us right now. An examination of what we believe, what we create and how we scare and heal each other. Above all, it's the story of how one lost soul must search for where she now belongs.
'I was always fascinated by tales of regression to past lives, ' says the author Roz Morris. 'I thought, what if instead of going to the past, someone went to a future life? Who would do that? Why? What would they find?
'Another longtime interest was the world of the classical musician. Musical scores are exacting and dictatorial - you play a note for perhaps a sixth of a second and not only that, there are instructions for how to feel - "expressivo, amoroso." It's as if you don't play a piece of classical music; you channel the spirit of the composer.
'I became fascinated by a character who routinely opened her entire soul to the most emotional communications of classical composers. And I thought, what if she couldn't do it any more? And then, what if I threw her together with someone who could trap the par

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About the author (2011)

Roz Morris's fiction has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, although you won't have seen her name on the covers as she ghostwrote for high-profile authors. She is now writing acclaimed fiction under her own name. She is a writer, journalist, fiction editor and the author of the Nail Your Novel series for writers. She teaches creative writing masterclasses for "The Guardian" newspaper in London.
"My Memories of a Future Life" is her first novel writing as herself. Her second is "Lifeform Three.

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