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I think that Adolphus tips is one of the most heart warming stories I have ever written, the story Is truly amazing.

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This is a stunning tale about the time in World War ll and of companionship and dedication. Of love and sadness. An amazing story that is very exciting and it leaves you wondering what is going to happen next after every sentence. Michael Morpurgo did an awesome job with this heart-warming book. I hope every reader would agree with me in saying that THEY would do the same for their best friend, family, companion, pet, CAT, Adolphus Tips.  

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I am reading it now and i love it i really cant wait to read (the ones i have) dear olly and the butterfly lion , private peaceful carnt wait.
The book will be good for kids who likes books about animals and wars it is SO good i have just started .

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i didnt buy this book i borrowed it from school when i was 11 and i read it in a couple if days and i love it! I love the ending ! Its so unpredictable ! And that was wen i started buying and collecting his book !! MM You Are Fab ! X

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this books is really good and proves the love between a owner and its pet. some people just dont bother but some people just cant forget!!!
really good

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