Tales of the plumed serpent: Aztec, Inca and Mayan myths

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Collins & Brown, 2000 - Fiction - 160 pages
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Three great civilizations--each with a culture as strong, colorful, and complex as those of the more familiar Greece and Rome. Through their enduring mythology, the Mayas of Yucatan, the Aztecs of Mexico, and the Incas of Peru have left us tantalizing images of their now-disappeared societies, once among the most advanced on earth. Illustrated with more than 100 photographs of important artifacts and archeological sites, this rich and fascinating collection reveals their visions of the creation of the world (and its destruction and recreation); the forces of nature; life, death and destiny; and animal spirits. 21 legends in all, each touched with magic and mystical power, include the Aztec tale "The Feathered Serpent"; the Mayan myth of "The Rain Goddess and the Egg Child"; the Incan story "How Manco-Capac Made the First People. Bonus: a list of Gods and Goddesses.

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Tales of the Gods
Cosmic Powers
Ancestors and Animals

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