The Younger Generation

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1914 - Social problems - 270 pages

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Page 274 - Nothing finer on the wise education of the child has ever been brought into print. To me this chapter is a perfect classic; it points the way straight for every parent, and it should find a place in every home in America where there is a child.
Page 276 - Institute in Stockholm, where for over twenty years Ellen Key taught and lectured. The volume gives an admirable survey of the purpose and character of Ellen Key's teachings and of her books. New York GP Putnam's Sons London RETURN TO the circulation desk of any University of California Library or to the NORTHERN REGIONAL LIBRARY FACILITY Bldg. 400, Richmond Field Station University of California Richmond, CA 94804-4698 ALL BOOKS MAY BE RECALLED AFTER 7 DAYS 2-month loans may be renewed by calling...
Page 101 - And her general conduct has been true to her first principles, to render to Caesar the things that were Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's ; to do nothing against the command of God, but to suffer every thing which the Csesar may require.
Page 274 - ... Murder in the Schools, The School of the Future, Religious Instruction, Child Labor and the Crimes of Children. This book has gone through more than twenty German Editions and has been published in several European countries. "A powerful book."— NY Times. " A profound and analytical discussion by a great Scandinavian teacher, of the reasons why modern education does not better educate."— tf.
Page 271 - Selection from the Catalogue of CP PUTNAM'S SONS Complete Catalogue sent on application $1.25 Edited by Professor Naoichi Masaoka, of Tokio.
Page 102 - ... the evolutionary idea, penetrated by love of life, will be able to teach to the new generation an even deeper veneration for the work of intellectual and material culture. These new mothers will be able and are able to instill into the minds of their babies an ever more burning hatred of the wanton waste of life, the devastation of culture, the degradation of souls which latent as well as acute warfare has up to the present forced upon mankind. People who can see farther than their noses know...
Page 102 - ... final reckoning. Times have changed, and no longer do mothers bring up their children in the double-faced morality, and teach them as individuals rather to suffer wrong than do wrong, rather to renounce their objects than to pursue them by unworthy means, and who bid them to put away the thoughts of vengeance and forgive their enemies — but who then with flaming eyes and inciting words exhort their sons as defenders of their country to commit acts which, as private persons, they regard as worse...
Page 275 - The name of Ellen Key has for years been a target for attacks of various kinds. Friends have in connection with the issues that have arisen in regard to the influence of her work become enemies and friction has been caused in many homes. Her...
Page 250 - Such statements were made with quite as much force at the end of the eighteenth century as at the end of the nineteenth.
Page 275 - Love and Marriage Cr. 5. Net $130. By mail, $1.65 " One of the profoundest and most important pronouncements of the woman's movement that has yet found expression. . . . Intensely modern in her attitude, Miss Key has found a place for all the conflicting philosophies of the day, has taken what is good from each, has affected the compromise, which is always the...

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