Hope Was Here

Editorial Review - - Audrey Marie Danielson

When Tulip changes her name to Hope, she figures that it would make everything okay in her life. She soon discovers that a name, no matter how positive it is, doesn't always ensure a perfect life. Nevertheless, she keeps hoping that her life will change as she tries to be the best waitress in the world --- that is Hope's challenge, and turns out to be one of her best assets in Joan Bauer's new ... Read full review


Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Another entry in Bauer's growing collection of books about likable and appealing female teenagers with a strong vocational calling. Ivy Breedlove in Backwater (1999) is a historian, Jenna Boller in Rules of the Road (1998) is a talented salesperson, and Hope Yancey's gift is for waitressing. As the novel begins, Hope, 16, and her aunt Addie are about to move from Brooklyn to Mulhoney, Wisconsin ... Read full review

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An amazing book that really inspired me.

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This book is touching from beginning to end. The friendship is wonderful, the family is heartwarming, and the romance between Hope and Braverman is beautiful. The entiure book made me go from curious, to understanding, to humored, to sad. I recomend this book to all ages and anyone who want's a heartwarming cimbination. 

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ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! MY NEW FAVORITE BOOK! This book had a great plot, strong characters, and a great ending. I couldn't put this book down! I LOVED it!!!! I reccomend it to everyone!

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It's an amazing and touching book that will make you think and be grateful for everything you have in life and maybe even cry. It's a book suitable for all ages and I recommend everyone should read it.

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when sixteen year old hope and her Aunt Addie have to move again this time to a chease city she is not shur what to do.

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I have to tell you this was the best book i have ever read. I loved it so much and i wished there was more to it. With most books we read in school but I took that one home and actually READ it. Like chapters and chapters

Review: Hope Was Here

User Review  - Kavita Ramesh - Goodreads

Though I enjoyed some of the "philosophies" of waitressing (and food service in general), and found the portrayal of daily, small-town, Midwestern life to ring true (for the most part), this story ... Read full review

Review: Hope Was Here

User Review  - Goodreads

I thought that the start was a little boring, there is more action in the middle... Read full review

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