The Spirit of the Public Journals: Being an Impartial Selection of the Most Exquisite Essays and Jeux D'esprits...that Appear in the Newspapers and Other Publications, Volume 5

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R. Phillips, 1802
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Page 262 - I had rather be a kitten, and cry mew, Than one of thefe fame metre-ballad-mongers; I had rather hear a brazen candleftick turn'd, Or a dry wheel grate on the axletree,
Page 103 - Wealth, my lad, was made to wander, Let it wander as it will; Call the jockey, call the pander, Bid them come and take their fill. When the bonny blade caroufes, Pockets full and fpirits high, What are acres ? what are
Page 162 - chariot planet round the goal of day, All trembling gazes on the eye of God, A moment turn'd his awful face away ; And as he view'd thee, from his
Page 268 - it generoufly, obferving the condition required, found its utility, and .extolled it. He was thence encouraged to fell it at a crown the bottle; and the fale was prodigious. It was no more than the water of the Seine, mixed with a little nitre. Thofe who made ufe
Page 370 - bed. In footh ^he was a peerlefs hound, The gift of royal John: But now no Gelert could be found, And all the
Page 33 - Thus faith the Lord God, Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this fhall not be the fame:
Page 268 - an hundred years, and who died only by accident, had left him a certain preparation, which had the virtue to prolong a man's life to an hundred and fifty years, if he lived with fob.riety. When he happened to obferve the
Page 262 - I had rather hear a brazen candleftick turn'd, Or a dry wheel grate on the axletree, And that would
Page 371 - waken'd nigh; What words the parent's joy can tell, To hear his infant cry! Conceal'd beneath a mangled heap, ; His hurried
Page 299 - at your end of the town, a rope-maker; I know you will have many occafions before this time twelvemonth, and I hope I have fpoken in time; pray make ufe of him, you will do the poor man a favour, and yourfelf no prejudice.

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