Die Faustsplitter in der literature...

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E. Felber, 1900 - 1221 pages

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Page 1128 - And ten-horn'd fiends and giants rush to war. Hell rises, heav'n descends, and dance on earth ; Gods, imps, and monsters, music, rage, and mirth, A fire, a jig, a battle, and a ball, Till one wide conflagration swallows all.
Page 515 - Till one wide conflagration swallows all. Thence a new world, to nature's laws unknown, Breaks out refulgent, with a heaven its own: Another Cynthia her new journey runs, And other planets circle other suns. The forests dance, the rivers upward rise, Whales sport in woods, and dolphins in the skies; And last, to give the whole creation grace, Lo! one vast egg produces human race. Joy fills his soul, joy innocent of thought; What power, he cries, what power these wonders wrought?
Page 665 - Rabelais et sur d'autres auteurs accusés d'avoir mal parlé de la religion chrétienne (1767), Lettre VII Sur les Français (Œuvres complètes, Paris, Garnier, 1879, t, XXVI, p.
Page 1028 - Observe the audience is in pain, While Punch is hid behind the scene: But, when they hear his rusty voice, With what impatience they rejoice! And then they value not two straws, How Solomon decides the cause, Which the true mother, which pretender Nor listen to the witch of Endor.
Page 329 - Je trouve pourtant, dit le comte d'Essex, qu'elle ne laisse pas d'avoir les yeux assez beaux. Oui , dit Sydney, ils sont grands , noblement fendus , noirs et brillants ; mais , après tout , ses regards disent-ils quelque chose ? Pas un mot, répondit le favori.
Page 222 - Plays, though inferiour both in Fame and Merit; but also because in his begun Poem of Hero and Leander, he seems to have a resemblance of that clean and unsophisticated Wit, which is natural to that incomparable Poet; this Poem being left unfinished by Marlow, who in some riotous Fray came to an untimely and violent End, was thought worthy of the finishing Hand of Chapman; in the performance whereof nevertheless he fell short of the Spirit and Invention with which it was begun ; of all that he hath...
Page 496 - The political History of the Devil, as well Ancient as Modern. In two Parts. Part. I. Containing a State of the Devil's Circumstances, and the Various Turns of his Affairs, from his Expulsion out of Heaven, to the Creation of Man; with Remarks on the several Mistakes concerning the Reason and Manner of his Fall.
Page 756 - ... courting the casual applause of profligate and unprincipled companions, than from any systematic disbelief of religion. His scepticism, whatever it might be, was construed by the prejudiced and peevish puritans into absolute atheism; and they took pains to represent the unfortunate catastrophe of his untimely death, as an immediate judgment from heaven upon his execrable impiety...
Page 341 - ... serpentoient à droite et à gauche autour de leurs oreilles , et faisoient transir les spectateurs. L'obscurité s'étant enfin dissipée petit à petit , on vit le magicien Faustus , les quatre fers en l'air, écumant comme un sanglier , son bonnet d'un côté , sa baguette de l'autre , et son alcoran magique entre les jambes : personne , dans cette aventure , n'en fut quitte pour la peur.
Page 2 - A Walk to Smithfield, or a true description of the humours of Bartholomew Fair...

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