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Q. How did you like the book?
A. Radley proves his point about how police forces in America have become more like armies, in the last half decade or so. He presents a lot of data, some individual
incidents, and a few interviews he conducted. The individual incidents, case studies, are the most interesting. Some of the data he blankets the reader with can get quite boring. And repetitive.
Q. So you found positives and negatives. Would you recommend the book to general readers?
A. I think not. To get Radley's point, you need only read the introductory chapter, which gives an outline for the rest of the book. I don't think most readers want to mull over the data, but they may empathize with the people who have been victimized by overzealous and over armed police, SWAT teams. General readers can read the case studies, as they seem to stand pretty much by themselves, say one or two to a chapter, and then skip all the data. Of course, if you want to look more deeply into Radley's sources and data, then you have it available.

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