Thermally Generated Flavors: Maillard, Microwave, and Extrusion Processes

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Maillard, microwave, and extrusion cookin. Regulatory status of maillard reaction flavors. Process flavors and precursor systems. Basic principles for protecting new develpments. Analytical methodology. Detction of amadori compounds in heated foods. Maillard reaction products from microwave heating of model systems. Gas chromatography-olfactometry of glucose-proline maillard reaction products. Molasses flavor investigations with sulfur chemiluminescence detection. Isolation of aroma volatiles from an extruded oat ready-toeat cereal. Flavor compounds formed during the maillard reaction. Dicarbonyl sugar derivatives and their role. Mechanism of pyraine formation. Reactivity of peptides in the maillard reaction. aroma volatiles from meatlike maillard systems. New aroma compounds in wheat bread. Formation pathways primary roasted coffee aroma compounds. indicator compounds and precursors for cocoa aroma formation. Effect of pH on the volatile compounds formed in a Xylose-lysine model system. Flavors from the reaction of lysine and cysteine with glucose in the presence of lipids. Formation of maillard products in the proline-glucose model system. Pyridoimidazoles, histidine-spedicific reaction products. Role of cysteine in the formation of2-methyl-3-furanthiol in a thiamine-cysteine model system. Flavoring in extrusion. Lipid oxidation in extruded products. Maillar reaction volatile compounds and color quality of a whey protein concentrate-corn mela extruded product. Ammonium bicarbonate and pyruvaldehyde as flavor precursors in extruded food systems. Collection and characterization of volatile compounds released at the die during twin screw extrusion of corn flour. Formation and degradation of tryptophan amadori products during extrusion processing. Flavor properties of extrusion cooked mechanically deboned pork.

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Regulatory Status of Maillard Reaction Flavors
Detection of Amadori Compounds in Heated Foods

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