Dotty Dimple at Her Grandmother's

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Lee and Shepard, 1868 - Children - 190 pages
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Page 63 - And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
Page 9 - Jennie Vance told me," said Dotty ; "and she ought to know, for her father is the judge." By this time the children had reached the church, and were waiting on the steps for the rest of the family. It was pleasant to watch the people coming from up and down the street, looking so neat and peaceful. But when Jennie Vance drew near with her new summer silk and the elegant feather iii her hat, Dotty's heart gave a quick double beat, half admiration, half envy.
Page 29 - She said, 'Good measure, pressed down and running over.' That's her way of doing things." " But I don't believe grandma 'spected you to press it down and run it all over. Why, there's enough in this pail to make a pound of butter. Come, Katie.
Page 77 - I, Jennie Vance ? I never ! What a story ! " "You did, Miss Dimple; you spelt it out in the Reader, — ' straw-bry ; ' or I shouldn't have thought of such a thing." "Well, I didn't care much about going, now truly, Jennie ; for I don't feel very well.
Page 56 - Dotty began to breathe more freely. "But you see, child," interposed aunt Louise, "you have done a deal of mischief; and I must go at once to Mrs. Gray's and explain matters.
Page 45 - Dotty stood with Katie by the back-door blowing bubbles. The blue sky, the white fences, the green trees, and even the people who passed in the street, made little pictures of themselves on the bubbles. It was very beautiful. Dotty blew with such force that her cheeks were puffed as round as rubber balls. Katie looked on in great delight. "See," she cried, "see the trees a-yidin' on that bubbil ! " Dotty dropped the pipe and kissed her.
Page 64 - I don't believe it," said Jennie, quite unmoved. "O, but God won't, for the Bible says so. He can't get in any more than a camel can get into a needle ; and you know a camel can't.
Page 75 - Dotty was glad to hear the words, for in her own brave little heart she had determined not to be the first to surrender. "Let's go across the fields," she replied; "it's the nearest way home.
Page 11 - ... head to guard it against the draught from the window. She listened a little to the prayers, it is true, because she knew it was wrong to let her thoughts wander when Mr. Preston was speaking to God. When the services were over, and she was going to her Sabbath school class, she passed Jennie Vance in the aisle. " Where are you going, Jennie? " said she. " Going home. My mamma says I needn't stay to say my lessons and miss a warm dinner.

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