Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volume 48

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G.H. Rouse, Baptist Mission Press, 1879 - Asia
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Page 179 - Verily we have caused it (the Quran) to descend on the night of power. " And who shall teach thee what the night of power is ? " The night of power excelleth a thousand months ; " Therein descend the angels and the spirit by permission " Of their Lord in every matter ; " And all is peace till the breaking of the morn.
Page 179 - Vijayibhinand will make an end of the Kali Yug. Now the Gospel says that Christ is the head of all, and that He will come and do justice. The Jews say, that Moses is the greatest, and that all will be saved through him. All follow different customs and proclaim the greatness of their own master. Thus idly quarrelling they fix upon different names; but in the end all is the same, the supreme God. 1•''1 Kalanki will come on the "night of power...
Page 26 - Nagpur, was good enough to send me some superior valentines of this class, and I submit them now for the inspection of the Society. It will be seen that in these paintings, some of which are not without merit either as to design or execution, no human figures are introduced. In the ones I have seen in days gone by the positions of the women with the snakes were of the most indecent description and left no doubt that, so far as the idea represented in these sketches was concerned, the cobra was regarded...
Page 96 - Centigrade, and others; conducting 8.2 times better than mercury, although both samples had been supplied by the same eminent makers, Messrs. Johnson and Mathey. The abnormal electrical resistance of some platinum wire is due chiefly to the admixture of iridium or other metals of the same group, and it appears that the platinum prepared by the old welding process is purer and therefore better suited for electrical purposes than the metal consolidated by fusion in a Deville furnace.
Page 171 - Pran-nath himself. It is very curious, both from the advanced liberalism of its theological ideas and also from the uncouthness of the language, in which the construction of the sentences is purely Hindi, while the vocabulary is mainly supplied from Persian and Arabic sources.
Page 7 - ... reproduced in another form ; and, having once obtained a better material, the people who acquired this knowledge repeated the form they were best acquainted with ; but economized the metal, and lessened the bulk, by flattening the sides. In proof of this repetition in metal of the ancient form of the stone celt, may be adduced the fact of a copper celt of the precise outline, both in shape and thickness, of one of our ordinary stone implements having been found in an Etruscan tomb, and now .preserved...
Page 30 - Mahadeo symbols, are of the same class. Added to this, in the recesses of the Pyrenees, the people whose language suggests their descent from the tribes who erected the tumuli and menhirs, not only in this neighbourhood but also in other parts of Europe, still preserve traditions connected with these monoliths, and have actually retained some traces of what I call Siva worship.
Page 95 - Unless we shall be fortunate enough to discover a conductor of electricity with a much higher melting point than platinum, and the specific weight and the specific heat of which conductor is also much lower than for platinum, and which at the same time does not combine at high temperatures with oxygen, we can scarcely expect that the principle of incandescence will be made use of for practical illumination.
Page 2 - ... their antiquity with the natives of the country, who could give no information as to their origin, they had no knowledge of who made them, they were most probably the work of the giants or the Goulds (herdsmen) in days gone by. Again " From the people of the neighbourhood and even from the Brahmans and other learned persons of Nagpore, who speak with authority on the ancient history of the province, no satisfactory information regarding the tribes who constructed these barrows is to be obtained....
Page 27 - And a further examination of the forms of the cromlechs and tumuli and menhirs will suggest that the tumuli themselves were intended to indicate the symbols of the Mahadeo and Yoni, conceived in no obscene sense, but as representing regeneration, the new life, "life out of death, life everlasting...

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