Subject-matter index of patents applied for and patents granted, by B. Woodcroft

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1871 - 24 pages

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Page 27 - York, for improvements in the manufacture of certain hollow closed vessels, and in the machinery or apparatus employed therein ; parts of which improvements are also applicable when preparing for and fastening tubes into steam-boilers, or other vessels requiring tubes to be fixed therein.
Page 209 - Improvements in means and apparatus for heating, smelting, and working metals, and in furnaces employed therein, which improvements arc also applicable to heating, and otherwise operating upon minerals and other substances.
Page 439 - Improvements in furnaces and other heating apparatus, and in the methods of applying and using therewith certain elements of combustion, and in the combinations therewith of the processes, with materials to be used in the manufactures of metals, and other things and uses, and in the mechanical constructions necessary therefor.
Page 225 - J. Kidd, Martin's Lane, London. {Partly a communication from L. Arnold, New York.) January 7, 1875. — No. 66. The novelty of my invention consists, first, in the manufacture of lighting or heating gases in carbon, then...
Page 25 - ... 1433. H. Bessemer, Cannon Street, London, " Improvements in the conversion of fluid crude iron and molten pip, or other carburets of iron, into fluid homogeneous malleable iron and steel, whether such pig, or other crude iron, is used alone, or is mixed with a portion of malleable, or more or less dccarburised iron, in a solid or fluid state.
Page 225 - A new or Improved method of purifying and converting cast-iron Into malleable Iron or Into hi' el, and for the making and use of materials and appliances for the 1413.
Page 308 - ... 566. H. Bessemer, Queen Street Place, Cannon Street, London, " Improvements in the construction and arrangement of machinery, apparatus, and buildings employed in or for the manufacture or production of cast-steel and malleable iron from pig or other carburet of iron.
Page 563 - Improvements in making tarpaulin in different colours, and in treating sail-cloth and other fabrics to preserve them from rapid destruction by the sea air and other corroding influences.
Page 343 - Bromwich, for a new or improved apparatus for regulating the supply of water to steam and other boilers, applicable also to regulating the supply of liquids to vessels and reservoirs in general.
Page 167 - ... the colouring matter of madder and another useful product."— March 3, 1869. INVENTIONS PROTECTED FOR SIX MONTHS BY THE DEPOSIT OF COMPLETE SPECIFICATIONS. 670. WE Gedge, Wellington Street, Strand, Middlesex, " An improved process and improved apparatus, having for object to preserve from oxidation iron ships and metallic surfaces, or those of copper or iron with which wooden ships are sheathed ; alto applicable for testing the qualities and the homogeneity of metals.

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