Out of Kishineff: The Duty of the American People to the Russian Jew

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G.W. Dillingham, 1903 - Jewish question - 308 pages

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This is 'must read'. It a very enlightening book on the motivation and mind-set of the Tsarist Russian government in committing the anti-Semitic pogroms that led to the mass emigration of Jewish refugees to the US and UK. The author is 100% Gentile (see p.51). This is a contemporary (1903) work of impassioned propaganda on behalf of the Jews, and of the true Christian principles of Peace and Love. The author’s passion is unbridled, and his prose is purple. It will make you weep. Tsarism flourished 'in the darkness' by perpetuating the brutish mediaeval ignorance of the peasantry. The Jews educated themselves, providing light in a dark land, and thus threatened the very foundations of Tsarism by their very existence. Thus they had to be driven out or killed. Yet they could not all be killed, because the Russian Empire's economy depended on them. 

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Page 303 - This Government cannot be a tacit party to such an international wrong. It is constrained to protest against the treatment to which the Jews of Roumania are subjected, not alone because it has unimpeachable ground to remonstrate against the resultant injury to itself, but in the name of humanity.
Page 303 - Whether consciously and of purpose or not, these helpless people, burdened and spurned by their native land, are forced by the sovereign power of Roumania upon the charity of the United States.
Page 10 - The Crowing of the Red A CROSS the Eastern sky has glowed The flicker of a blood-red dawn; Once more the clarion cock has crowed, Once more the sword of Christ is drawn. A million burning roof-trees light The world-wide path of Israel's flight. Where is the Hebrew's fatherland? The folk of Christ is sore bestead; The Son of Man is bruised and banned, Nor finds whereon to lay his head. His cup is gall, his meat is tears, His passion lasts a thousand years. Each crime that wakes in man the beast. Is...
Page 260 - Jewish faith who played an eminent part for the honor and the credit of the nation. I remember once General Howard mentioning to me the fact that two of his brigade commanders upon whom he had placed special reliance were Jews. Among the meetings of the Grand Army which I have attended one stands out with peculiar vividness — a meeting held under the auspices of the men of the Grand Army of Jewish creed, in the Temple in Fortyfourth Street, Temple Emanu-El, to welcome the returned veterans of the...
Page 65 - ... awful voice bidding him get down on the floor and play. In the same fashion the wretched Jew, physically feeble, poverty-stricken, underfed, cooped up in the crowded ghetto of his town, densely ignorant of even the names of plants and farm implements, was suddenly commanded by an imperial voice of thunder to be an agriculturist. Great colonies of Jews, sometimes numbering hundreds of families, were now gathered up promiscuously, transported across to the desolate prairie lands of Novorossusk...

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