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H. Holt, 1891 - Psychology
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Page 133 - Bain recognizes the twofold nature of the facts and calls in a principle of " stimulation " to supplement the general law that " states of pleasure are connected with an increase and states of pain with an abatement of some or all of the vital functions.'
Page 398 - it is well to define clearly the needs of such a work: I. That it shall contain accurate statements of fact. 2. That its facts shall not be too numerous, but chosen so that the important truths are recognized in their true relations. 3. That the language shall be so lucid as to give
Page 389 - The peculiarity in question is found, speaking very roughly, in about 1 out of every 30 adult males and 15 females. It consists in the sudden and automatic appearance of a vivid and invariable ' form' in the mental field of view, whenever a numeral is thought of,
Page 404 - 323 pp. What has been attempted is a clear arrangement of topics; a simple, direct, and forcible presentation of the questions raised; the avoidance, as far as possible, of certain metaphysical distinctions which the author has found perplexing; a frequent repetition of cardinal doctrines, and especially a liberal use of concrete illustrations, drawn from facts of common experience or observation.
Page 398 - for misunderstanding. 4. That the value of the study as a discipline to the reasoning faculties shall be continually kept in view. I know of no elementary text-book which is the superior, if the equal, of Prof. Martin's, as judged
Page 170 - Amid the variations of composite and varying reality, the most fixed point of reference is now seen to be the feeling of self. This is as far as psychology can go with its analysis of reality. All reality is given us through our own experience and the
Page 281 - ie, that every state of consciousness tends to realize itself in an appropriate muscular movement. The nervous application of the law leads up at once to its application to sensibility. If every ingoing process produces an outward tension, or tendency to muscular discharge,
Page 404 - Briefer Course" as a text-book, suited to any capacity, lam able at the same time to recommend the "Advanced Course " to those who are better able to use it as a book of reference, or more inclined to carry their work further. Elementary Course,

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