Records of New Amsterdam from 1653-1674 and Index, Volume 6

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Berthold Fernow
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Page 4 - October last, fl. 322. 10. for 129 ells of Osnaburg linen delivered him in the year 1664, with costs. Deft. admits the debt and to have given a note therefor, but maintains likewise that the Osnaburgh linen was too high. Requests some delay. Pltf. replying says, that notwithstanding he has an absolute obligation, he is willing to submit to the judgment of one or two impartial persons as to the price of the Osnaburgh linen; and also he should have given longer delay, had not the deft. given evil and...
Page 400 - Nederlandts, under the commission and control of their High Mightinesses the Lords States General of the United Netherlands, and the privileged West India Company.
Page 335 - Scotland, France and Ireland King Defender of the faith &c and in the yeare of or Lord 1681.
Page 198 - General in these parts, I doe assure You that Wherein I may, any Way be Servicable to You, I shal Cheirefully apply my mind to it, who professe no higher Cogitations then what shal tend to My Royal Masters Intrest, and the Publicq Welfare of those Comitted to my Charge; Iff therefore You Will Consider of Somme Methode for the better regulation of...
Page 199 - Corporation and present it to me, What I find reasonable and practicable, I shall Willingly allow of, and What appeares above my Strength I shal with the best Convenience transmit ouer to Receive his R: H: assent, from Whome I doubte not, but you will have such Satisfaction, as is agreable to Yo...
Page 396 - Delegates are recommended to convoke the Commonalty here in the City Hall as soon as possible, and to cause them to nominate six persons as Burgomasters and fifteen as Schepens, to wit from the wealthiest inhabitants and those only, who are of the Reformed Christian Religion, from whom the said Commanders and Council of War will elect some as Magistrates of this City.
Page 125 - 28th of April A 1668 * * * Mr. Evert Pieters appearing, requests the W. Court to allow him something for the. service performed by him as precentor to this date and also for the future. The W. Court promise to speak hereof to the Honblri Governor."1 Speaking to the governor apparently did no good.
Page 405 - In vogue on this than on any other day; to prohibit and prevent which, all tavern keepers' and tapsters are strictly enjoined to entertain no clubs on this day from sunrise to sunset, nor permit nor suffer any games In their houses or places...
Page 405 - Orange and the jurisdiction thereof from sunrise to sundown on Sunday all sorts of handicraft, trade and traffick, gaming, boat racing, or running with carts or wagons, fishing, fowling, running and picking nuts, strawberries etc. all riotous racing, calling and shouting of children in the streets, together with all unlawful exercises and games, drunkenness, frequenting taverns or taphouses, dancing, cardplaying, ballplaying, rolling nine pins or bowls etc. which is more in vogue on this than on...
Page 393 - Ibid., vol. vi, p. 158. 5 Ibid., vol. vi, p. 92. 4We should call the " Stadt Huys" the "City Hall." from the day of the date hereof, during which tyme they are hereby Required : as often as they shall see cause : to make a View of all Chimbnees within this Citty and the Suburbs "• thereof, and to fine the owners of all those that shall bee defective or not cleansed accordingh to the former Customes; As alsoo to take ceare that hookes and Ladders made to that purpose, may bee brought and fastned...

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