Constitution, By-laws, Officers and Members

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De Vinne Press, 1894 - 73 pages
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Page 27 - Treasurer, shall be chosen at each annual meeting, and shall hold office for one year, and until their successors are elected. There shall also be chosen from its members, twenty Trustees. Those elected at the first election shall divide themselves into four classes of five each ; one class to hold office one year, the second class for two years, the third class for three years, and the fourth class for four years, next thereafter. At each annual meeting thereafter there shall be chosen five Trustees...
Page 32 - ORDER OF BUSINESS. At all meetings of the Society, the order of business shall be as follows : 1. Reading the minutes of the previous meeting. 2. Reports of officers. 3. Election of officers. 4. Reports of committees. 5.
Page 30 - Any person who shall cease to be a member of the Society shall forfeit all right or interest in the property of the Society. ARTICLE VII. Meetings. SECTION 1. The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on...
Page 30 - Every person elected to membership, as a condition thereof, shall, within thirty days after being notified, pay to the Treasurer the amount of the admission fee and sign the Constitution; the Trustees may extend the time for the latter in special cases. SECTION 6. Should any member neglect to pay his annual subscription within six months of the time when it is due, his name shall be dropped from the roll of the Society, unless for any good and sufficient excuse the Trustees shall vote to remit or...
Page 26 - To gather by degrees a library for the use of the Society, composed of all obtainable books, monographs, pamphlets, manuscripts, etc., relating to the Dutch in America. Fourth. To cause statedly to be prepared and read before the Society, papers, essays, etc., on questions in the history or genealogy of the Dutch in America. Fifth. To cause to be prepared and published when the requisite materials have been discovered and procured, collections for a memorial history of the Dutch in America, wherein...
Page 26 - To perpetuate the memory and foster and promote the principles and virtues of the Dutch ancestors of its members, and to promote social intercourse among the latter.
Page 26 - No one shall be eligible as a member unless he be of full age, of respectable standing in society, of good moral character, and the descendant in the direct male line of a Dutchman who was a native or resident of New York or of the American colonies prior to the year 1671;.
Page 28 - SECTION 4. The Trustees shall have general charge of the affairs, funds, and property of the Society. It shall be their duty to carry out the objects and purposes thereof ; and to this end may exercise all the powers of the Society, subject to the Constitution, and to such action as the Society may take at its special or stated meetings. SECTION 5. The Trustees shall have power to fill any vacancy which may occur from death or resignation among the officers of the Society, for the unexpired term...
Page 24 - Clerk of the said city and county, and Clerk of the Supreme Court of said State for said county, do certify that I have compared the preceding with the original Certificate of Incorporation of THE MERCHANTS...
Page 33 - NewYork city. 3. PROOF OF DESCENT. Before being voted upon for membership, each candidate shall furnish satisfactory proof of his pedigree to the Committee on Genealogy, who shall report thereon to the Board of Trustees. 4. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the day specified in the Constitution (at such place and hour as the President shall appoint), and at least ten days' notice of the same shall be sent to each member by the Secretary.

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