A Narrative of the Boer War: Its Causes and Results

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J. Macqueen, 1896 - Great Britain - 574 pages
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Page 521 - On the 8th day of August, 1881, the Government of the said State, together with all rights and obligations thereto appertaining, and all State property taken over at the time of annexation, save and except munitions of war, will be handed over to Messrs. Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, Martinus Wessel Pretorius, and Petrus Jacobus Joubert.
Page 522 - Majesty's forces during the recent hostilities, except for such losses or damage as may already have been compensated for, and the Government of the Transvaal State will make due compensation for all losses or damage sustained by reason of such acts as are in the 8th Article hereinafter specified which may have been committed by the people who were in arms against her Majesty during the recent hostilities, except for such losses or damages as may already have been compensated for.
Page 524 - Fund of six pounds and ninepence per 100 per annum, which will extinguish the debt in twenty-five years. The said payment of six pounds and ninepence per...
Page 523 - They will, before taking evidence or ordering evidence to be taken in respect of any claim, decide whether such claim can be entertained at all under the rules laid down in the next succeeding article. In regard to claims which can be so entertained, the sub-commissioners will, in the first instance, afford every facility for an amicable arrangement as to the amount payable in respect of any claim, and only in cases in which there is no reasonable ground for believing that an immediate amicable arrangement...
Page 529 - All transfers to the British Secretary for Native Affairs in trust for Natives will remain in force, the Native Location Commission taking the place of such Secretary for Native Affairs.
Page 529 - All debts contracted since the annexation will be payable in the same currency in which they may have been contracted. All uncancelled postage and other revenue stamps issued by the Government since the annexation will remain valid, and will be accepted at their present value by the future Government of the State. All...
Page 524 - Government will pay interest at the rate of six per cent, per annum from the date of such default ; but Her Majesty's Government may at any time before such payment pay the amount, with interest, if any, to the claimant in satisfaction of his claim, and may add the sum thus paid to any debt which may be due by the Transvaal State to Her Majesty's Government, as herein-after provided for.
Page 525 - There will continue to be complete freedom of religion and protection from molestation for all denominations, provided the same be not inconsistent with morality and good order ; and no disability shall attach to any person in regard to rights of property by reason of the religious opinions which he holds.
Page 526 - ... Transvaal, and, subject to the approval of the High Commissioner, as representing the Suzerain, he will control the conclusion of treaties with them ; and (c) he will arbitrate upon every dispute between Transvaal residents and natives outside the Transvaal (as to acts committed beyond the boundaries of the Transvaal) which may be referred to him by the parties interested. (4) In regard to communications with foreign powers, the Transvaal Government will correspond with Her Majesty's Government...
Page 528 - ... they will not be subject, in respect of their persons or property, or in respect of their commerce or industry, to any taxes, whether general or local, other than those which are or may be imposed upon citizens of the said Republic.

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