THE KILLER ANGELS: A Novel Of The Civil War (modern Library)

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A gripping novel about the four days of the battle of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels is alive with noble figures and moves through its fated courses in a prose both simple and epic. Happily, a leading character is Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, a young professor of rhetoric from Maine, who speaks to his men with a power that Mark Antony might envy. When the largest gatherings of both the Union and ... Read full review

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It was good but could have been gooderer. kinda weird. Who Shaara?

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An absolute must-read for the civil war and history buff. The Killer Angel is also a very introduction into history for those skeptics out there.
This book is about the climatic Battle of
Gettysburg, which was the high-water mark of the Confederacy and also the bloodiest battle fought on American soil. The battle is told from the point of view of the men and officers who fought in it, on both the union and confederate sides. The book also focuses on the causes of both sides and why men fought for them. More than just a history book, The Killer Angels also shows the human side of warfare, and we seem to share each of the character's personal joys and sufferings as each falls in battle or survives the hell of the fighting.
Filled with both intense action and quiet reflections, this book is guaranteed to make anyone an expert on the battle, or at least more interested in it, after reading it. For those who think history is boring, this book can easily dissuade those notions. In the end, history is not about facts or dates or even the events that happened. Its about the people and why they did what did. And Michael Shaara has certainly understood this concept to create this masterpiece.

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The Killer Angels is just a wonderfully written book, front to back. A lot of people may dismiss this as "just another war novel" without giving it a try, but even if you don't have a particular interest in war or history, this is a fantastic novel. Read the first chapter or two, you won't be able to put it back down. 

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If there were only Page 367, that would still be enough.

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For anyone who thinks the fighting at Gettysburg was simply a large battle in a big field, Shaara has painted a moving picture of the three-day battle that reveals not only the intricacies of the Civil War, but the personal lives and thoughts of the men who fought in it.
By taking first-hand accounts written in journals and letters, Shaara has woven together a piece of historical fiction that reads like a best-selling novel, but which carries with it the significance of actual events gone by.
This is a must-read for anyone even remotely interested in America's history.

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I know he imagined much, but it fleshed out the historical account convincingly. So much gallantry wasted, such acceptance of chance.

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This book is amazing...the only part of it that I didn't like was the war strategy. But it is a very refreshing retelling of what they teach you in history class.

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This book blew me away.
I needed to read it before I went on a history trip with my church. And at first I thought. "Oh great, some boring history book with who did what and who died." But I was
gravely mistaken. This book kept me riveted to the story. The uniqueness of this book, is the fact that it is not a documentary. It's told as an actual story with dialogue. The characters have emotions and voices. They're not just some famous person in history. After I finished the book, I visited Gettysburg. This book changed the way I percieved it. I stood on Little Round Top and said, "Oh! I'm in the actual place Chamberlain called his charge! That actually happened and I'm in the place!"
It written in the manner of a wonderful fiction book, except that it was real. This story actually happened. And it made the story come to life. Thank you Mr. Shaara!

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It just was not as strong as I thought it would be. Read full review

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