Political and commercial considerations relative to the Malayan peninsula, and the British settlements in the straits of Malacca

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Page xxxix - Semangs prepare themselves with large quantities of combustible materials, with which they quietly approach the animal, who is aroused from his reverie by an immense fire over him, which being kept well supplied by the Semangs with fresh fuel, soon completes his destruction, and renders him in a fit state to make a meal of.
Page 80 - People are much distressed by the labours necessarily imposed to avert the resentment of Siam, and every exertion on my part has been made to prevent coming to a rupture with that power, but I was unable to submit to demands exceeding all former precedent, which induced me to apply to the Governor of Pinang for the Company's aid, to enable me to repel their demands, for my Father having transmitted to me his friendship and Alliance with the Company, it would be otherwise a reflection upon the power...
Page 77 - My father having waited some time, at the expiration of the year, requested the writing from Mr. Light, who desired him to wait a little ; at the end of six years no authentic writing could be obtained ; he received 10,000 dollars per annum, but Mr. Light refused to fulfil the remainder of his engagements, and in consequence of my father insisting upon having a writing, agreeably to his former stipulation, a misunderstanding arose between Kedah and Penang, after which a new treaty of alliance was...
Page 42 - Consequently, a weak state, that, in order to provide for its safety, places itself under the protection of a more powerful one, without stripping itself of the right of government and sovereignty, does not cease on this account to be placed among the sovereigns who acknowledge no other power.
Page 12 - ... which have been made from the chiefs of the Settlement of Pinang since Captain Light first took possession, during all which long period of 35 years, the King of Quedah has been subject to incessant alarm and apprehension from the Siamese, and suffered all the oppression they could inflict, without actually possessing themselves of any part of his dominions. The Supreme Government admitting that Quedah has always been tributary to Siam, has ever objected to any interference that would be likely...
Page 78 - Uncle being desirous to remove the uneasiness, granted a tract (of which the boundaries were defined) accordingly, placing entire dependence on the power of the Company to protect and defend him against his Enemies, and Sir George Leith made a new Treaty, consisting of fourteen articles, and constituting the two as one Country.
Page 24 - Hill) there was no occasion to carry fire with one, for, wherever he stopped, he would find people's houses. On the eastern side likewise, from Malacca as far as Batu Pahat (Hewn Stone) there was the same uninterrupted succession of houses, and a great many people dwelt along the shore ; and the city of Malacca, without including the exterior, contained nineteen laxas of inhabitants (190,000).
Page 42 - The conditions of these unequal alliances may be infinitely varied ; but whatever they are, provided the inferior ally reserves to itself the sovereignty or the right to govern its own body, it ought to be considered an independent state.
Page 43 - TributaryStates, he observes. " There occurs no greater difference with Tributary States, for though the payment of Tribute to a foreign Power, does in some degree diminish the dignity of those States, from its being a confession of their weakness, yet it suffers their Sovereignty to subsist entire.
Page 56 - ... any enemies of ours from the East or the West should come to attack us, the Company would regard them as enemies also and fight them, and all the expenses of such wars shall be borne by the Company. All ships, junks, or prows...

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